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August 19, 2014  SalesHEAD Solutions Launches New Sales Training Program for Fall

SalesHEAD Solutions, Inc. has just published the fall 2014 schedule for their unique sales training and development program called SalesHEAD-START.  155 more words

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Pitching Part 1:How to Stop Bitching About Pitching

While the entire world may be living online now, there is still high esteem accorded to print publications. Even in the digital age, print magazines still carry some weight. 549 more words


Friday Faves - 8.15.14

This week?  Read my other blog and you’ll know what it was like.  You have one of those?  Killer, huh?

Here’s the Best Time To Prepare for Your Follow-Up Call… 138 more words

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Friday Faves - 8.8.14

Data mining, eblasting this week.  Now my brain is on empty.  Good thing I have a weekend to recharge it.

Schedule a 15-Minute Break Before You Burn Out… 115 more words

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Green Eggs and Ham: The Only Sales Manual You'll Ever Need

I am an ex-salesperson. For anyone in outside sales, you know this is a career both revered and reviled by most people. I bet more than one of you suffered accusations of selling snake oil in your lifetime. 949 more words

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Having a Commitment Objective – BtoB Sales Skills

Learn how to initiate a commitment objective ahead of each and every unique customer call. The sales skills educational video specifies the process.


Very many individuals that sell don’t form a commitment objective for every face to face sales call and end up walking away from the customer without any specific “follow-up” step. 108 more words

Social Marketing Plan - Case History

Cure for the Summertime Blues

The Summertime Blues phenomenon was first discovered by Eddie Cochran in 1958.  Although Eddie was more concerned with making money so he could borrow Dad’s car to go out and have some fun, every summer sellers get the blues, too.   540 more words

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