The Day I Sold My Childhood Violin

Today, I put my childhood violin up for consignment. Since the early 00’s, I’ve been lugging it from apartment to apartment. Once in a while I would open the case to make sure it wasn’t broken. 690 more words

Creative Life

Dan Is So Easy!

Listen, if your kid has something to sell… just ask Dan… he’s easy!

It’s that time of year right… the kids have been back in school for over a month…. 259 more words


Two days off work

I’m so glad I did take the time off.  I couldn’t bear the smug ignoramuses at work.  They don’t have a clue.  Seriously.

Working through my loneliness, slowly.  578 more words


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Having your own place to sell your really low value unwanted stuff is just great – now we are talking about your old toaster, bikes, garden produce, kids stuff, old golf clubs, things like that – not high-end expensive stuff like cars and houses ! 303 more words