Two days off work

I’m so glad I did take the time off.  I couldn’t bear the smug ignoramuses at work.  They don’t have a clue.  Seriously.

Working through my loneliness, slowly.  578 more words


Fancy giving us some feedback ?

We know it’s brilliant but what do you think ? www.2good2tip.com

Having your own place to sell your really low value unwanted stuff is just great – now we are talking about your old toaster, bikes, garden produce, kids stuff, old golf clubs, things like that – not high-end expensive stuff like cars and houses ! 303 more words


To the Lady I met at Sam's Club Today:

Please contact me regarding that fairy in the coffee cup image you were admiring.  I can create a print especially for you if you’re still interested.   198 more words

Selling Stuff

Fair enough

To the vintage fair… Not as a member of the paying public no, but as a fine upstanding member of the stall holding community. I say upstanding, of course, that’s only my version… I spent most of the day bobbing up and down sitting on my chair because my foot was hurting so badly. 165 more words

Doing Stuff

Buyer Beware again!

This time instead of calling this woman out, I messaged the group admin. In one of her comments when someone asks what brand the white diapers are, she claims she doesn’t know. 186 more words

Cloth Diapers