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Selling Your Home?

September Marked 2014 High in Home Sales With every region but the Midwest reporting gains, existing-home sales muscled up to their peak pace so far this year.   25 more words

5 Powerful Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before Selling Your Home

5 Powerful Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before Selling Your Home - Before choosing your next real estate agent, make sure to read this article. 481 more words

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BREAKING BAD – valuable real estate lessons!

So I finally broke down and started watching “Breaking Bad” at the request of my husband and son. For those of you who were hooked on day 1, you know that the content is not exactly family friendly.  448 more words

Selling Your Home

Tips on selling your East Bay California home

As we have seen home prices move back up in the past year, more people are putting their homes on the market again, creating more inventory for others to buy!   644 more words

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10 Tax Tips When Selling Your Home

By MortgageLendingStation.com  

If you’re selling your main home this fall or sometime this year, please find below some helpful tips for you. Even if you make a profit from the sale of your home, you may not have to report it as income. 340 more words

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Housing News: A Week In Review

New Construction = New Competition


Zoning In… A Great Room Gets More Livable


Nationally, it’s cheaper–by 38%–to buy and own a home than to rent one. 37 more words

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Does Your Home Have Too Much Personality?

Many sellers love their homes. They’ve made some of their most important memories there, and their home is literally where their heart is. When these homeowners took on improvements, from painting rooms to kitchen and bath renovations, they likely did it with the idea of adding “personality.” And then, when it’s time to sell, those same homeowners sit across the dining room table from their real estate agent and wonder why, after three months, their home hasn’t sold. 562 more words

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