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Runners World - Fertile ground, Pound pavements for potency

Runner’s World, Feb 2014 magazine

Fertile ground, Pound pavements for potency

“Run a lot and your swimmers will become better-trained too. Researchers say that exercise helps significantly boost sperm counts. 57 more words


Radioactive Sperm?

Could you phone be harming your stuff?

We have all heard and read the warnings that sleeping with your phone under your pillow will kill your brain and that when your on the train turn off your phone  because its giving you cancer, but now professionals are demanding more research on how your mobile phone is effecting the quality of your sperm ! 116 more words


and finally, some good news.

We were told we needed to wait 3 – 6 months after my husband’s varicocelectomy to see any possible improvements from the surgery. After exactly 3 months we repeated his SA and eagerly waited for the results, bracing to be disappointed, keeping our expectations low…. 344 more words


Smoking your sperm away?

Cannabis has an effect on the quality of sperm.

 The worlds largest study on the effects of lifestyle choices on sperm has been published and researchers found a link between sperm quality, the time of year and smoking cannabis. 261 more words