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How to Talk About Study Abroad in a Job Interview

You’ve submitted your (stellar) cover letter and (impressive) resume, and you’ve been selected for an interview. Great! As you prepare, remember that studying abroad is more than an opportunity to see the world. 583 more words

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Ok, so you have had an amazing study abroad experience but now what? These are good tips on how to best capitalize on your semester abroad and incorporate your unique experience into your job search resource package. Study abroad often gets relayed back home to friends and family as a long trip. But as students who are eventually entering the job market (like it or not) we need to think of our time abroad also through the lens of our future interviewers.


When I was growing up I remember my grandmothers talking about how they lived in Germany as children. It always sounded so exotic and like a fairy tale. 426 more words

Headed to the farm

This is a preview of my weekend!  We’re headed up to the farm on Friday and will be back to Port Elizabeth on Sunday evening.  I’m excited to bond with my fellow study abroad students on the farm with no access to wifi!

Study Abroad South Africa

I know what it means

I miss new Orleans! Upon leaving, I wrote this:

Tulane. Free food, Free Music, Nola Humidity, Oak trees, LBC, Rielly Centre, Fridays at the Quad, Cooleys Poetry Class, Shakespeare on the Road, Capoeira, Biking, Cudd Hall free donuts and coffee, Audubon Park, running, all the beautiful houses, the people, the locals, the free events all over campus- the music and lectures and concerts and films, the manner in which the city is so beautifully falling apart and hap hazard. 530 more words

Waiting to head to Turkey at Ben Gurion airport!

It feels good to be in an airport again. Thus begins the journey, wish us luck and follow our adventures at #springbreak681 (yes this is ironic but its also a real thing. 8 more words

Semester Abroad

Stand Still

This was taken at Machu Picchu. I went up from the town of Machu Picchu to the top of the mountain. I look down into the valley and saw the settled fog. 65 more words


Friends in Far Places

That’s how the saying goes, right? Okay so I modified it. But I’d like to argue that having friends in far places is as good (if not better) than having friends in high places. 533 more words