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If you see me wandering, I'm probably lost.

A New Yorker enrolled in a North Carolina school flying from California with a layover in New Jersey with Switzerland as her final destination.

Yeah, you could say she gets around. 151 more words

New York

Week 3- Trouble in Paradise

Develop a list of positive and a list of negative experiences that have been challenging, either academically, emotionally, or physically. Choose one from each list and describe the reasons those experiences were demanding.

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Two Weeks

Today in Target, I looked down at my phone to find a countdown notification: “2 weeks until Spain”. I was standing in a different aisle than my mom and brother, but this notification felt important enough to call out to them. 264 more words

Semester Abroad

Goodbye Holland

So as promised I’m going to TRY and keep you all updated via this blog. I’m leaving Holland for a great new adventure in New York City. 144 more words


Summer Pt. 1


I’m camped out at my favourite café in Amsterdam, cutting a lonely, hooded figure on the terrace as streams of rainwater spill off the awning around me and thunderclaps ring out in the distance. 830 more words


Day 17: La milonga de La Catedral

August 14th.

After a grueling day of lessons and running around everywhere trying to figure out my life here, a group of us went to a tango class, paid for by our international exchange package, to La Catedral, an dimly-lit attic-like hall with wooden floorboards on which couples swept eachother away in true tango fashion. 179 more words

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