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API Takes on Chocolate y Churros

Back in the United States I was never a big fan of churros. Whether buying them from the local supermarket, or eating mediocre attempts from the school cafeteria, I never gave much thought to this fried confection. 333 more words


Back after a Break

I have broken my promise of frequent updates, as I have been absent from the blogging world for over 3-4 months now… Reason being that I was out of school and no longer had vast amounts of time to procrastinate on work and homework and papers and such. 182 more words

Everything Else

Study Tips: Fall 2014

Tips for Planning Your Semester


There’s so much pressure in getting an education: parents wanting the best for you, employers looking for top-of-the-line students, and you expecting excellence from yourself and success for your future. 319 more words

back to school? back to blogging...

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, but with good reason. Since the last time I’ve

blogged I’ve:


First Official Post I Suppose

Today marks 10 days since I’ve been living in beautiful Sevilla, España!

P.S. I am studying abroad here for the fall semester, until mid-December!

Although I’ve been abroad for a near 2 weeks, I don’t want to play catchup with this blog.  177 more words


To New Beginnings

It has been a while …

I do not recall the last time I blogged, but I attribute that to college. Well, I attribute mostly everything to college, from my eternal lack of sleep (5 hours a night club), to my craving of chocolate at 2am and midnight explorations on rooftops. 94 more words


Kelompok Seminar Manajemen (Hanny)

Diharapkan untuk masing-masing Ketua Kelompok menyerahkan Judul Presentasi

Due Date: Kamis, 18 Agustus 2014

Yang tidak kumpul pada hari Kamis, silahkan kumpul sendiri ke Ibu Hanny