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Got my Camera back!

A couple of weeks ago my Nikon D800 started getting blank frames (totally black) every 10 or so shots. At first I thought it was just that the strobes didn’t go off, but that wasn’t it. 184 more words

Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

[Cruz Gist] Maheeda Models For Ruggedman's Varsity Jackets Semi Nude

So our ear Maheeda is at it again! At least this time doing something that makes a little bit of sense. LOL
The jacket is Ruggedman’s latest soon to be launched 8Figures varsity jacket from his TSW (Twentieth Sept Wear) collection.  47 more words


And now for something completely different... “ancient” tablet humour!

And now for something completely different... “ancient” tablet humour!

No disrespect whatsoever intended towards our otherwise serious research into tablets in ancient languages, Akkadian, Sumerian, Harappan, early Cretan, Linear A, B or C, the Wisconsin Tablet, or any other ancient language, you name it, we all occasionally need a bit of a respite from our mind-bending studies just to get the pressure off ourselves, in other words, for a good dose of comic relief. 350 more words
Linear B

Bethan Grace Taylor

Bethan is an old friend of mine from school, she was always quite a confident and bright character. I recently saw a photograph she posted online of her new back tattoo which I thought was just a beautiful piece of work so I contacted her and asked if she would be interested in a portrait session with focus on the tattoo. 104 more words