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Webinar-smebinar & Hangout-bangout!!!

Everyone is jumping on the latest bandwagon – webinars, hangouts, video-casts and whatever other next-gen ‘fun’ name is taking flight – and for the most part they absolutely suck… 534 more words

homeschooler off the ranch

What an amazing and fun weekend. Favor and I went to Massachusetts for two days of training with  Daisy Peel. The bulk of our training has been with Daisy online. 290 more words


Caught in a Dilemma About Play-Based Learning? Join the Queue.

We can’t immediately solve complex issues that surround play-based learning, but we are working hard to make sense of them by reviewing the latest resources and implementing research projects with our Member Schools and in partnership with leading universities. 241 more words

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The Problem With Ice-Breakers

I hate ice-breakers.

I mean, really, who doesn’t? You cannot, in all seriousness, tell me of a single person who goes into a new class, or a seminar, or a workshop, and think, “Gosh, I really hope we can go around and tell everyone our favorite Julie Andrews movie!” It just doesn’t happen.  915 more words


Strange Critiques

The short story seminars I took in college didn’t unfold with the same series of bitter invectives and simmering resentments as portrayed in Wonder Boys… 842 more words

Are You Too Impatient?

I read a short story somewhere once. It went along these lines.

A young man had been working hard for 2 or 3 years and had not seen the results he so desperately desired. 585 more words

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