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Semuc Champey ~ A revisit to one of the most beautiful places on earth

Tuesday December 9th ~ Semuc Champey

Arriving after dark on the 8th, we enjoyed a cocktail and our delicious buffet style dinner, but were soon off to our room to get some much-needed sleep. 1,481 more words


Where's Wallis? Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Despite my lack of dorm-stays, I think I have earnt some travelling points for the number of hours spent on buses… 2,094 more words

Central America

Guatemala - Spanishifying our lives

We LOVE Guatemala! Everywhere we have been so far in this country we have ended up staying longer than planned. Unfortunately I have been too busy chilling out, drinking coffee, learning Spanish and having the odd adventure, to get round to writing my blog. 2,068 more words


Our arrival in Mexico City marks the end of the fourth leg of our trans-America journey. After eight months it is time again to take a break from the road and head back to Europe, to catch up with family and friends, see what surprises the postman has left, enjoy the latest episode of Homeland and 24, soak in a steaming-hot bath, sink a pint or two of Black Sheep down at the pub and move about our home without constantly knocking into each other. 1,010 more words


Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is the main attraction near the town of Lanquin. It is a 300m long Limestone bridge where the Cahabon River flows underneath. Along the bridge is pools of turquoise coloured water which are perfect to swim in. 581 more words

2014 Fun

Chasing Turkeys

A friend got up close and personal with some turkeys while we were walking to Semuc Champey.

Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey: undrinkable, but hikeable and swimmable

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘hikeable’ isn’t a recognised word. Now, I tend to disagree. Many of life’s most likable things usually ends on ‘able’, like drinkable, shrinkable (especially used in the context of my desired waistline post-Mexico) and danceable. 1,345 more words