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Dems Are Getting Nervous About November

If you want proof that the Democrats are worried sick about the November mid-term elections, all you have to do is watch Bobo Obama. The world’s second most famous clown (though Eric Holder is giving him a run for his money!), is hitting the campaign trail hard. 652 more words


Survival of the Fittest?

Clive Palmers love of dinosaurs is well known, and we have all seen the life size figures lead by the big T-Rex at his Coolum Resort. 1,073 more words

Senate Roadmap 2014

Coming out of the failures of 2012, Republicans not only have a Senate majority within reach, but Senate domination. From Scott Brown in New Hampshire to Cory Gardner in Colorado, the GOPĀ isĀ challenging seats no one even considered last year. 754 more words

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Briefing on 2014 Senate Elections

We at Willis and Law are political junkies, and even though the election is not until November we thought we would give you an update on which Senate races to watch and which are already decided. 1,626 more words

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