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A Labor of Love: 1000 Paper Cranes Display

The Senbazuru, or the folding of 1000 paper cranes, is a traditional wedding practice that is believed to bring good luck to the newlywed couple.   439 more words


Look what was waiting for me!

Not only were there hardly any bills waiting for me when I got home this evening, there was some actual money (travel reimbursement), a packet of buttons (the zebra striped ones that are much smaller than what was shown on Ebay, and I’m slightly disappointed), a boatload of 12×12 paper that I had  87 more words

A rare moment when I find myself speechless...

…as I think you would find yourself if you opened a box the mail truck delivered on a day when you weren’t expecting anything beyond some buttons you purchased on impulse from eBay last week, only to find: 247 more words