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UKIP - send in the clowns

In a weekend full of depressing news stories – Kenya Shopping Centre shootings and the Church bombs in Pakistan to name just two. UKIP managed to cheer me up with that complete asshole Godfrey Bloom. 53 more words

Drunken Cows Abused My Eland

…and they crapped on my lawn!

The Doclopedia #1,181

Send In The Clowns: Boffo, The Clockwork Clown

Way back in 1870, in San Francisco, a rather mad inventor named Volmer Heely built an amazing clockwork man. 831 more words

NaNoWriMo 2014

And so it begins …

Send in the Clowns

Chapter 1

It was hard for some to take him seriously.  His business did not seem serious, and yet here we are.   1,718 more words


Thanks for the memory

Music transports many of my listeners to places full of memories of lost loved ones, especially spouses. They take comfort in the journey, and find joy in shared reminiscing. 445 more words



Photo credit: Lauren Simonutti

I see my mother’s hairline

and a cowlick curling the way her tongue curled,

with a bang,

firing words like grey whipping strands; 52 more words


The Finally LP - Mark Kozelek (2008)

We go from the crazy energy of Bad Brains to slow calm  Mark Kozelek. Kozelek’s music may be vastly different from Bad Brains in scope, but there is intensity in Kozelek’s songs nevertheless. 392 more words

Alternative Rock

Oh...So, You're Not A Scientist ?!

So…Mr. Politician, you come into my living room via my TV set begging for my vote, telling me how horrible all those other guys are, and yet when asked a simple question about global warming, you do your good old political shuffle and say, “well, I’m not a scientist but…!” You’re not a scientist but??…Hey genius, the taxpayers of the USA are paying you a salary of $174,000 per year to come up with a better answer than that! 710 more words