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Sengoku Basara Judge End #4

Sasuke’s timing is on par with someone who makes a yo mama joke to someone on their way home from their mother’s funeral.


Sengoku Basara Judge End #3

Whereas the first two episodes were mainly focused on the opening scene of the game Basara 3, where we see the events surrounding Ieyasu’s betrayal of Hideyoshi and what each character was doing during that time frame, episode 3 starts us off with the actual meat of the plot. 418 more words


Sengoku Basara Episode 1-12 Subtitle Indonesia

Sengoku Basara S1 [ Sub indo ]
Dalam usia Negara Berperang, Jepang sudah terpecah-pecah di provinsi-provinsi semi-independen, diatur oleh feodal atau daimyo, yang berhadapan satu sama lain dalam sebuah perjuangan tanpa akhir untuk kekuasaan.  20 more words

First Look: Sengoku Basara: Judge End

Video game Adaptation by Telecom Animation Film


The battle for feudal Japan rages on! This time, the scene is set for the inevitable Battle of Sekigahara. 594 more words


Summer Anime 2014 Chart v5 (Final)

Alright, here’s the last revision for summer that I’ll be doing. Apologies for being a little late on this, I’ve been watching a lot of wrestling and watching Steam like a hawk… 211 more words


Sengoku Basara: Judge End Promo, Songs and Cast Information Revealed

Who said history couldn’t be exciting? Well whoever it was is being proven wrong by CAPCOM…for the third time. For any of you who have ever seen Sengoku Basara before, you’ll know that it takes an artistic lean slightly beyond what might be considered “humanly possible” and provides for us some epic and emotionally charged fights scenes between the most animated warriors of Japan. 368 more words


My Four Breakthroughs in Japanese (3)


This post is kinda random…