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đáng lẽ nên xài twitter luôn, nhưng nó cho phép post ngắn quá không ghi bài dài được, ổn phần post tranh và liên lạc với các chị bên Nhật cùng fandom. 116 more words


Sengoku Basara: The Last Party


I guess given that Tokugawa Ieyasu was a good guy in the first Sengoku Basara, they couldn’t make him the villain in this case. 317 more words

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Sengoku Basara 2

Welp, that was a bit underwhelming.

I was thinking it was going to use the same formula as the first Sengoku Basara, with a ton of machismo and fighting, but it ended up being filled with drama. 530 more words

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Minor road block

After doing a WHOLE lot of research and being extremely confused about my digital artefact choice I came across a Japanese game which re-defined my whole concept. 293 more words

Summer 2014 Mid-Season Anime Report – Part 2: #13 to #9, The Okay Stuff

What’s strange about this season of anime is that it appears to feature anime series that are either not very good (hence the 10 series covered yesterday) or pretty good (the 8 series to be covered in the near future) with few series left in the middle ground of mediocrity. 861 more words


Sengoku Basara

Holy crap.

I’ve read reviews about how Sengoku Basara was a manly show, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! It was a testosterone-fuelled rampage that was almost at the level of… 580 more words

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Anime Taste Testing: Summer 2014 (Part II)

Welp, already around the halfway point for most of these titles? Time really flies when you’re having fun following way too many shows for comfort. Nonetheless, I’m pretty satisfied with the line-up I now have – and if I’m still slightly unsure about a couple of them, the fact that all but two of these anime are set to be 12 episodes or less makes things a lot easier to juggle. 2,075 more words