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Day 338 – A Name Is Just A Name (Part 1 of 2)

What was her name? Why can’t I remember her name?

I look up from the scuffed linoleum floor to watch two paramedics stroll by, lugging an empty stretcher behind them. 520 more words


Why Should You Look for Live in Care Specialists in Dorset?

Have you ever observed the dedication of live in care professionals? If you happen to have ever watched them, then you will really realize how dedicated they are. 309 more words

Live In Care In London

The Medicine Cabinet,Not Just Deadly For Children. By Aerobabe619

As most of you know mom,passed away on June16th 2014. The confusion in the E.R. was straight out of a “House” episode or “Grey’s Anatomy (minus the sex in the broom closet).Thursday June 12th,I got an urgent call from my sister.She woke to find my 73-year-old mother,nude covered with what looked like a tar substance,acting irrational. 212 more words


Best Retirement Communities

America’s Best Retirement Communities

Whether you want to be near the beach, the mountains, or smack dab in the middle of a huge metropolis, there is a retirement community out there that is just right for you.  29 more words

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Retirement communities provides a range of services to ensure the comfort and safety of senior residents. senior residences

Home Care Established as a Hot New Franchise Option

Think fast-food franchises are a good investment? They certainly are, according a recent article in Forbes magazine. However, some top 10 finishers come from senior care franchise and non-medical home care franchise industry. 304 more words

Home Care Franchise

Hot Trends in the Home Care Industry

Trends in the home care franchise industry

Over the last few decades, elderly care has changed and will continue to do so in the coming years as technology improves. 351 more words

Home Care Franchise

Daily Walking for Seniors: It Does the Body Good

The human body was designed for movement. As we get older, this movement becomes more important to overall health. While some individuals have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, it is never too late for starting an exercise regimen. 352 more words

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