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Ummm, You Gonna Eat That?

The self control is gone!!!!

Have A Wonderful Easter Weekend!!!!

Cairn Terrier

Cha, Cha ...Changes!

Thank God for the young people because in them is our hope. And they are getting it.

Plant any land you have with flowers, trees and food. 197 more words

Slow Down

Meet "The Furry Sisterhood"

Anyone who comes to visit me knows that they will be met by a welcoming committee of the “Furry Sisterhood”.  You’ve only met the furry sisters in my posts through photos, so let me take this time to introduce you to Pikachu, Kiwi, and Coco,  the  “Furry Sisterhood”.


An exhausted Divinity

After a day and a half of dealing with snow, Divinity is having a well deserved rest.

Between yesterday, and last night, we received LOTS of snow. 27 more words


mr. benjamin

Mom rescued Benji when he was two years old as a companion for our ACD, Dingo. My junior year of college, I moved into a townhome that allowed pets and Benji has been with me ever since. 451 more words

Mid-April in Minnesota

Well it’s April 16th in Central Minnesota, and guess what?  It’s SNOWING!

The forecast is for up to 4 inches of snow. On the bright side, within a week, all of it will have melted. 43 more words


What to Expect From Your Aging Cat

So how old is my cat, really?
Cats are individuals and, like people, they experience advancing years in their own unique ways. Many cats begin to encounter age-related physical changes between seven and ten years of age, and most do so by the time they are 12. 84 more words