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Vocal Problems - Multiple Choices:

  • Should you continue singing the same way you have always been singing?
  • Should you ignore the unusual symptoms like hoarseness and dryness of the voice, loss of range, change of tone, etc.?
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garrett senior 2015

My good friend Garrett will be graduating at the close of this school year. I actually asked him to model a specific shoot for me, and we ended up doing senior photos as well. He is so very photogenic!


Variety Show 2014

The Variety Show saw a wonderful array of music and drama performed by students from across the school. Infants, Juniors and Seniors were all well represented, as were staff and parents too. 198 more words


Thursday Morning

The Lodge Ladies turned out another fantastic painting yesterday, brightening a snowy, blowy day considerably!

These are theirs:

And these are the examples:

We were bright and bold!


Floccinaucinihilipilification Or Not

On a day last week when the sky took on a strange hue of Cerulean Frost mixed with patches of Brandeis Blue that hung, ever so delicately, over hills of Bulgarian Rose and Caput Mortuum, I happened to be having a chat with my octogenarian friend…a retired oceanographer. 339 more words


Ohana :)

Heyo blogposts two days in a row im on a roll :P

Anw just wanted to blog about today because it was GREAT. :D well honestly it started quite shitty lol. 293 more words