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On my first hire

I love interviewing people, and asking the right questions that slowly reveals the story behind someone’s character. When I was pursuing journalism, I used to interview people about their career. 395 more words

Rica Facundo

On Client vs Agency

In the advertising and marketing world there’s always an underlying tension between ‘client’ and ‘agency.’ There are jokes like ‘You crossed over to the dark side… 306 more words

Rica Facundo

Yuppies & OFW's

Yuppie. Or in other words a ‘young urban professional.’

An expat is a yuppie, and Singapore is filled with yuppies from all over the world. In fact, aside from OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers), who are typically associated with domestic workers and nurses, the Philippines is also a # 1 exporter of yuppies. 145 more words

Rica Facundo