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Lenin: The Theory of Knowledge of Empirio-Criticism and of Dialectical Materialism

Sensations and Complexes of Sensations

For every scientist who has not been led astray by professorial philosophy, as well as for every materialist, sensation is indeed the direct connection between consciousness and the external world; it is the transformation of the energy of external excitation into the fact of consciousness. 149 more words


"Every Sensation Comes to an End", by J. Krishnamurti

I wonder if you know what it means to be aware of something? Most of us are not aware because we have become so accustomed to condemning, judging, evaluating, identifying, choosing. 474 more words


Let's lighten up the mood

    Hey guys, miss me? I apologize for going ghost like that, but I recently had a death in my family, but don’t worry. I am okay, and so is my family and we appreciate all the love and prayers we have received from everyone. 602 more words


Coming Home

I ached for home so badly I could practically taste it in the back of my throat. My summer at the Festival was not good. There were some beautiful people and some incredible work, but ultimately I was not sorry to put my back to the place. 222 more words


Her hands moved reverently across the pages of the book, pressed against the paper as though hoping to extract the history directly from the ink imprinted there. 267 more words


13 Year-Old Opera Sensation Holly Stell to Release Debut CD in Canada

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) November 25, 2005
Holly Stell, the 13 year-old opera singer who is dubbed “Petite Pavarotti” and who recently recorded a duet with opera legend Andrea Bocelli, is releasing her self-titled debut CD in Canada, announced Jack Lenz, President of Lenz Entertainment, and exe…

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