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Thursday, 20th November 2014

Tabloid, adj.

Pronunciation: /tablɔɪd/
Etymology: < tabl- (in tablet n.) + -oid suffix.

1. Compressed; concentrated, esp. in order to be easily assimilated; sensationalistic, populist, or reductive; of or resembling tabloid journalism. 18 more words


November 17, 2014

Based on weatherman,
Yesterday’s post was not right
It’s just November

“Polar vortex” is
Unscientific, press term
For cold air moving

Media, again,
Rank sensationalism
Not reporting fact


Does India have a sense of humor?

We Indians are very good at sarcasm .. we love it when we can make fun of others .. pull some one down .. see someone fight .. 512 more words


Proceed At Your Own Risk

Before movies, television, and the internet, there were books, which provided not only knowledge and information but also entertainment to those who weren’t able to get to the theater. 502 more words

P66: Requiem on Social Media

With 1.2 million ‘likes’ to a video of a hapless father singing to his tiny tot as he ebbs away is doing the rounds of the internet. 112 more words

The Training

Mail Supremacy: The Newspaper that Rules Britain (from The New Yorker)

The following paragraphs are pulled from an extensive feature from The New Yorker about Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. “Mail Supremacy: The Newspaper that Rules Britain” … 3,893 more words