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How the tech web frenzy frequently gets Apple dead wrong

“Apple does some interesting things that make it unique, frustrating and a great target to write about — even if understanding is frequently limited,” John Martellaro writes for TheStreet. 177 more words


Does taking 'selfies' indicate mental illness?: The use of sensationalist headlines

Here at Research the Headlines we have talked a lot about the importance of avoiding sensationalist headlines. It is especially critical that headlines are accurate when they reflect opinion (expert or not) rather than research evidence. 314 more words

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Some thoughts on the media coverage

Dear Oscar

To bring news and information to the people is a vital and essential part of our society.

Press freedom and the freedom of expression should not be restricted in any kind of way. 164 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Subtle Indoctrination of Men

The only reason people are glued to the TV to watch the Pistorius trial is cos he’s a public i.e ‘famous’ figure.  It’s intruding on private griefs and the law process. 290 more words

Lack of News Coverage, or Sensationalist Media?

As a center-left guy, I’ve always tended to favor CNN when it comes to national news.  FOX is well known for being a mouthpiece of the big-money Republican establishment and MSNBC is equally as liberal; with their own agendas and stuff they will either NOT cover, or will cover with a strong bias.   155 more words


Why is Indian Media more attracted to sensationalism and hides from more serious issues?

What has reduced Indian media in to a business of catching eye-balls and nothing more in recent times? Why is Indian media more attracted to sensationalism and hides from serious stories? 16 more words


World Cup Massacre

Here we find a front page headline utilizing Huffington Post’s raison d’etre: sensationalism. Sensationalism is defined as the practice of emphasizing the most lurid, shocking, and emotive aspects of something under discussion or investigation, especially by the media. 160 more words

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