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Much ado about sitting

A few years ago, athletic shoe companies began to cash in on a study or two suggesting that running in shoes was dangerous, guaranteed to ruin your joints and your life, make you less attractive and confident, etc. 781 more words


Content, Engagement & Sensationalism

Recently a commentator wrote a comment. It raised some interesting points about content on the internet and how to approach presenting the content you create. If anything the comment made me think and thus this post is both a reply and an explanation. 809 more words

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The Bane of Journalism

Sensationalism. Advertisements. Vested Interests. Ego.

Jealousy. Oligarchy. Underpayment. Ratty Nationalism. Apathy. Lost Integrity. Soiled Morals.




CMFR Ampatuan Watch


Slumdogs, Millionaires, Tigers

Shantaram is a novel by Gregory David Roberts, published in 2003, detailing his experiences travelling through India as an escaped convict. When I first read it, it blew me away, with Roberts’ elegant descriptions of Indian society, and its compelling narrative. 858 more words

Tragedy In Woolwich Sparks Social Media Frenzy

By now most of you would know about the tragic news that on Wednesday in Woolwich, England, two men stabbed and beheaded a man, now identified to be British soldier and father Lee Rigby. 319 more words


Fun with headlines, Al Jazeera edition

A predictable, but still terrible, story out of Iraq:

Again, this is disgusting but probably expected. IS is so extremist, they were bound to wind up here eventually. 112 more words