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Monkey Meteorology, Part 2 ...

Conversations with Monkey Sauce, cont…

Monkey Sauce: 

juno is currently the strongest storm on earth. yup. on the weather channel site, it says new york city is cancelled, lol… 44 more words


We Will Survive Sensationalism!

All hell is breaking loose on the east coast folks. The Blizzard of 2015 is upon us! CNN is out and about, updating us with full coverage of the elusive flurry activity. 25 more words


Fox Amongst the Chickens

Seems like yesterday, Birmingham wasn’t a Muslim city,
where we all walked around carefree and pretty
those days are long gone now, more’s the pity. 191 more words


Vagabond Wisdom - The menace of the media

‘But is it safe?’ I asked my uncle. He had just been to Mexico, on holiday. He was a science professor in North America, and was now in India. 261 more words


The Nineteenth-Century Debate about Fiction

The debate about fiction flourished throughout the nineteenth-century. At the turn of the century, the novel was still viewed as a new form, and critics such as Reeve and Scott felt it was imperative to distinguish between the novel and romance. 688 more words

Literary Criticism

The drama of other people's lives!

So I’m seeing this girl.

She’s nice, we get on fine.

The best thing about her is that she is kind, gentle, and a pleasant person to be around. 965 more words