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Skin Deep

It would be wrong to say that architecture wasn’t a visual art. Architects communicate visually, and, at the end of the day, create things that will be judged by how they look. 598 more words


Sea it?

Drink the sea salty. Taste

the crash and crush of ten thousand shimmering

droplets exploding up from each rock

to a two-second diamond mist.

Dance to the sea’s call. 83 more words



how long post-lightning
before thunder reaches ears?
how far can I see?


According to Elizabeth Palermo, the “Life’s Little Mysteries” contributor at live science.com… 104 more words


Animal Eyes

On the home stretch of this morning’s walk, as I moved along a section of Route 62 where there are woods on both sides of the road, two deer stood on the pavement while a car approached.  295 more words


Joy Ride


think how your body moved down the avenue of fourteen
hips swaying into tomorrow and the next day

how you curl your tongue around the idea of chocolate… 277 more words

Wabi Sabi Poems And Images

Pompeii by Bastille

How am I gonna be an optimist about this…

It’s easy to be an optimist about traffic when this song comes on and you hear your 4-year-old belting it out in her car seat. 22 more words

My Life