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Where you eat matters!

Our other senses come into play when we eat, not just the sense of taste!

Memory and the senses

I was just sitting here, quite tired (boy does making minestrone take it out of you! Look out for the recipe soon…) almost about to turn my lamp out and get some much needed beauty sleep, and I was what I like to refer to as ‘chill thinking’. 306 more words

budding and blooming

When did this happen?

I turn away for a moment (or so I thought) and when I look back the world has exploded and a colour bomb has been dropped on my neighbourhood. 240 more words


Treating your senses well...

Happy Easter from Inspired Moments; we expect that your sense of taste may have experienced a few egg-shaped chocolate treats over the last few days, or perhaps it’s the sweet smell of freshly cut grass or spring flowers that remain in your memory from the long bank holiday.  306 more words



Philomena–Mummy, where did you get this new hat?
Mummy–I bought it the other night at a bullfight.
Philomena – A BULLFIGHT? 


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Earth Day: foraging and creating

Today was Earth Day and we thought we’d run a simple meeting with our local environment at the heart of our meeting.

We started by foraging around the grounds of the church we meet at. 260 more words


Day Seventeen - Senses

You smell like daylight

and openness; like freedom

from chains too tightly worn.

You taste like smoke

lingering on my tongue,

unsure if I can savor you… 60 more words