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Present State Of Mind

My whimsical spirit is ready to be poured.
I’m wondering if I have the right to be bored.
I don’t know if its wrong to adapt. 23 more words


Emotion Sensing Wearable

Philips have designed an emotion sensing necklace.

“The VIBE – emotional sensing necklace combines conductive ink and textile sensors. The necklace can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicates them to other devices and other wearers.” 19 more words

BART got a 10 second warning before Sunday's Napa earthquake. Why didn't everyone else?

At 3:20 a.m. on August 24, an alarm went off at Bay Area transit provider BART’s offices: An earthquake was approaching, and the shaking would start in 10 seconds. 734 more words


At some points in your life your larger concern confluences with your personal situation. Metaphorically, I have lost ground beneath my feet, sure, I run everyday on different grounds around the globe to stay connected, and running induces feelings of lightness and freedom. 147 more words


Loving Well Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicators

One of my favorite questions to ask new friends is ‘Do you know your Myers-Briggs letters?’ I am a huge fan of this paradigm for considering different personality types because it is simple, easy to remember, and a great starting point to begin learning more about yourself and others. 1,134 more words