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Authenticity and Sensitivity

A month ago, a conversation among colleagues from several departments turned into a discussion on reasons on why we like working with each other. One person mentioned that what’s great about the group is that there was no B.S. 508 more words

Words & Wishes

10 things to NOT say to people suffering infertility

  1.  “I know how you feel, it took us <insert number here> of months to conceive”
  2. “You just need to stop stressing out”
  3. “We were not even trying and we got pregnant”
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Have We Really Become This Sensitive?

As a preface I want to acknowledge that at least one of these stories has been proven to be a hoax. However, the support and the ideas represented by both stories is very troubling to me. 791 more words



Develop your subjectivity, your sensitivity, your perceptiveness


ISO speeds

ISO measures the camera’s sensitivity to light. Doubling the ISO number, doubles the camera’s sensitivity to light. However, increasing the ISO also decreases the image quality (or increases the ‘noise’). 92 more words


Don't Be a Baby!

I am still learning to keep my emotions in check, but I am not afraid to admit that I am tad on the sensitive side. I believe I may have mentioned it before in previous posts. 536 more words


Haiku: Sensitivity

I love all the things

That you, Sensitivity,

Provoke in my soul.