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The Art of Experiencing

A Mystery School is all about the art of experiencing. The art of seeing, the art of hearing, the art of feeling


Accustomed To My Face

A few weeks ago, I was going thru some egotistical crisis. I had such a desire to be validated for my beauty. It was an odd moment. 1,363 more words

General Bitching

Sensitivity and specificity

Cat Eyes (#30793) by mark sebastian Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

If you are reading about diagnostic tests you will often come across the terms sensitivity and specificity which are a measure of the performance of the test given a particular interpretation (cut-off). 122 more words



What is it with you? I am sick of it all! Who gives the right to judge me when you make no effort to get to know me at all? 440 more words

Tears and Trials

“It’s better to cry than to be angry;

because anger hurts others,

while tears flow silently through the soul

and cleanse the heart.”

~Pope John Paul II… 435 more words

Gays and Potato Salad

by Randall S. Frederick

T.D. Jakes once said that there are two certainties in this world: One day, you will die And when you do, people will eat potato salad. 1,515 more words