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12/21/14 Micro-Agression

Plain old aggression is no longer enough. Now we have micro-aggression, or so I have learned. We are going to carry sensitivity to such heights we will soon be offending others by not being offended when they think we should. 1,064 more words

Dealing with hypersensitivity

A lot of people despise Christmas. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE Christmas! The songs, the decorations, the love, the family reunions, the gifts! What’s not to love? I LOVE CHRISTMAS. 579 more words


And so this is Christmas

This year really feels like it is winding to a close. Loose ends are being tidied away and, metaphorically at least, I’ll be glad to see that calender tick over to 2015. 793 more words



There have been many experiences this year that have unearthed a lot of difficult memories from the past. This has been immensely intense, as much of it has been concentrated over the last few months. 867 more words


Sensitivity (Tanka)

Lost to murderer on tv
And video games
Sometimes getting out-of-hand
Bankrupting morality

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Strewn About

On the one hand
I was cast under a spell
discovering a love I’d dreamt about but never felt.
On the other hand
I was cast into a ring of hell… 113 more words


Sensitivity Blue : Aura Colour

Colour/s: Soft wispy pale blue
Image/s: An aura with no boundaries

Weepy. Emotionally volatile/erratic/raw.
Over-sensitive emotionally. Empathic.
Artistic. Psychic. Heightened senses. 63 more words

Reading The Aura