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Creating Sacred Space By Tara

Having a highly tuned nervous system means that I am often overwhelmed and I crave extra, quiet, peaceful space and time to return myself to neutral. 1,068 more words

The Beauty Cabinet: Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturiser spf 30

I have very sensitive skin, (dryness, redness, spots and SHINE, oh my) and in the past moisturisers and me have NOT gotten along. So for the last few years I’ve been spending very little on moisturisers so that I’m not too out of pocket when my skin eventually reacts. 196 more words


New section: Comments and Contributions

Feeling very excited about this; had to create a new Comments and Contribution section because we’ve received our first contribution. I just love it when people share their stories and reflections! 338 more words

Living As HSP

Different Kinds of Honest, Or, How to Lose Friends Fast

I recently noticed someone saying that they felt they were losing their friends because they were too honest.

I have a similar issue, but I know now that the problem was actually with brutal honesty. 401 more words

Things To Think About

Celebrate Sensitivity (8/27/14)

Pause to Celebrate Sensitivity.
We don’t acknowledge the need enough in this world.
People so busy trynna be hard and cold and uncaring.
Trying to act like nothing else matters but “the grind” or “the game” or “the hustle” or whatever else distracts from seeing the whole picture the Universe is painting for Us. 90 more words



I don’t normally talk about this, but today I am feeling excruciating pain and it’s a real rough one. It’s a pain that most people don’t understand. 701 more words

When She's Into you, but you aren't that Into Her

A recent visitor to my blog enjoyed my post 10 Signs She’s Into you and suggested I write a post for advice for men who… 870 more words