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dIkSA: Day 21: sankalpa is more blinding than kAma

If demand is desire backed by purchasing power,  then sankalpa is kAma backed by will power.

Desire distorts reality. It makes us see things as we wish to. 141 more words

Ancient Indians

Fibromyalgia & sensitivity - more evidence

A little while ago I wrote this article on connection between sensitivity and fibromyalgia <Fibromyalgia – are sufferers just sensitive souls>.

This is a subject that is personal to me, and wanted to share a new article I read on the subject a few days ago (referenced below). 406 more words

Chronic Pain


lay me down on the hospital bed

I thought I saw my body was a cathedral

in the reflection of a wire hatch window

I once had a dream that i was underwater in a massive tube… 74 more words

Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice: When "Sensitivity" Robs us of Holy Celebration

Recently a Facebook friend of mine announced her pregnancy online. Like many similar Facebook announcements, this one was accompanied by a picture of teensy baby shoes and a due date, but the thing that stood out was a comment she made after the announcement. 1,261 more words


Sensitivity Training

Acts 16:23-40

It’s like you’re all tied up inside a top secret, high security building. Then all of the sudden a James Bond-like gentlemen breaks out of the nearby air vent and sets you free. 227 more words

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned

I’m pretty sure the language barrier steered me in the wrong direction.

Don chi sau, the “single sticky hand” exercise, is one of the most – if not  1,131 more words