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I feel the need to follow-up, to clarify, about yesterday’s post. After the post published on Facebook, I got a bunch of texts and messages asking if I was okay. 588 more words


“You don’t pass or fail at being a person, dear.”
-Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Loud, sudden noises have scared me… 331 more words

Breaking down

This week has been hard. It has been harder to keep myself calm and in a good state of mind. Sometimes I have to stop myself from yelling at people or being brutally honest. 394 more words


There is honesty...

…and there is tactfulness.

As I write, I am irritated with myself for crying about this, and for being hurt.  But I have, once and for all, experienced it first hand: the truth hurts.  553 more words


So raw

Today I am raw.
Like there is no outer layer of skin protecting me and everything is getting through. I’m hyper-porous and permeable and feelings, thoughts, memories, are all swirling around inside, filling me up up up and I think I might burst. 147 more words

Black People Urged to Stop Participating in Pop Culture due to Appropriation

Los Angeles- Breaking news: There has been a call to action for Black Americans to stop contributing to pop culture. Popular Black officials cite the problem of White people stealing their culture stating the epidemic is worse than “Blackface”. 132 more words

Dark Humor

Mouse wheel sensitivity script for Linux

Continuing with the theme from my last post (where I discussed mouse acceleration and sensitivity under Linux), I similarly want to talk about mouse wheel sensitivity. 279 more words