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Body Of Work

Let my skin be your linen and parchment
Dip your tongue into my liquid honey
Trace love in cursive onto every inch of my skin… 93 more words

Eclectic Unconfined

Enter In Mirage

Where deserts undulate in moving landscape,

Come away, enter in mirage,

Penetrate hazed sandscape gathered round us,

Whirling golden pockets risen fast,

Ride to dusk in ship upon sands’ ocean, … 44 more words


Q & A


Did you know
When I’m sitting around doing nothing,
It’s you that I’m thinking of?
Did you know
When I lie awake at night
I’m re-living the last time we made love? 632 more words


It's a Guy Thing:: By David Deida

David Deida continues to be one of my favorite authors about male/female relationships and sex. And I could also word it this way:: David Deida continues to be one of my favorite authors about the divine masculine and feminine energies and about making Love. 821 more words


You and Me

The morning cool
The sky alighted
Streaks of golds and reds and yellows
As if God himself were artist
The soft mist upon the waters… 132 more words

Blotted Out

There is a point at which
All else is blotted out
And sensorium is supreme
As when gushing is a stream
Of consciousness
And all else is blotted out… 56 more words

Mourning Mystique

When in that sweet second,

notions of you

soft, rise inside my dreams,

always there, i can count on seduction,

brings you next to me in quiet repose… 113 more words