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What Is Erotica?

I’m thinking aloud a bit here but feel free to comment if you wish.

The human brain is such a complex thing, I know that. Attraction though, arousal, desire… should be easy. 288 more words


Easter Weekend.

Easter Weekend.

Easter in the North is time to celebrate spring: growth and beginning. Here in the South we are hunkering down as the first winter storms drench us. 184 more words


The sensuality of Easter

Easter. A time to revel in a return to the sensual – indulging in the unctuous pleasure of chocolate, inhaling the scent of new blooms on the air, stroking the gorgeous fluffiness of newborn lambs and chicks. 521 more words

Understanding Christ: Part One

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

- Ghandi

The purpose of this article is not to disparage the Christian faith. 1,698 more words


Black Satin (sonnet)

Romantic night, which seems just like a dream,

Expectant lovers, around dance floor float,

Scarlet tips, radiantly on high beam,

Pointed tongue, brushes lightly against throat, 59 more words

Sensual Poetry

The Good DILFs

This is going to feel like a Sex and the City knockoff, and I apologize, because there is nothing worse, spoken as a Manhattanite, than dealing with throngs of women trapped in 1999 roaming the West Village looking for the Magnolia Bakery and SJP’s townhouse.  498 more words

Life & Style


Tumbling through door,
Lips locked in impassioned kiss,
Hands at clothing paw,

Button by button,
The slithering of some zips,
Out of clothing strips,

Sucking teat in mouth, 99 more words

Erotic Poetry