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Roses breathed to bosom, dusky evening,

Linen tablecoth, choice silverware,

Damask dress, trimmed velvet, black as midnight,

Mackintosh to Mackintosh high chairs.

Crystal leaded, claret perfumed, goblets, … 102 more words



I have celebrated my senior sexuality

This year of sexty eight.

My juiciness is something I honor

I am not a crone.

Imagine the jungle where monkeys mate… 90 more words


The Test of You

The test of you,

Neither pass or fail,

No right or wrong answers

Nothing to memorise,

Other than to see you

Acknowledge who you were… 113 more words


What You Want When You Sleep With A Man

When you sleep with a man, you don’t just want to sleep with the man — you would like him to thrust deep inside you that unquestionable beauty of his manhood, the surging testosterone level and every tiny details that make him a man. 776 more words

Softer Parade

A shot in the arm
of hope and love

A pat on the back
of consolation
and soft asides

A kiss on the lips… 7 more words


Riding the Wind

Pushed to starboard,

Her gunn’l kissing the vast wet,

Bow digging in, shaking it off, spray flying.

Blue-green foam hisses past her hull,

Tackle creaks and groans, 76 more words