Tags » Sensuality

Blinding trees

Ever eaten something forbidden, just to taste what’s hidden?

The sweet nectar overflowing from the sides of one’s mouth, dripping into a pool of behaviour ever so uncouth… 55 more words


The Eye of Horus

The salty surf upon the waters sprayed
Into the wind, and screaming gulls in flight
Soared o’er the briny foamy sea surveyed
Their hapless catch to their ill-fated plight… 74 more words

Free Verse # 241 (lost, and found)

Her skin
A river of vaporous sighs
Drunk with the memory
Of his lost touch,


Like a ship at sea
They held each other, 229 more words



We met at break of day
The night still high -
Unexpected joy, hand in hand,
Devouring eyes,
Experiencing the joy of recollection,
Replaying our first encounter… 49 more words

The Lone Saxophone

A flock of wild parrots
Pierced the Sunday morning quiet,
The cool air stroked my skin,
Awakening me from slumber,
Far-off dreams -
I dream of you, your scent, your eyes - 84 more words

Fantasy on a Theme of Erotica

I Imagine …
After many months the day had come
When we would join together
Anticipation thrilling,
Our hearts throbbing,
Anxiety halting our breaths
The next few nights shall not be black… 153 more words

You Make Women Weep

You take me to such an ecstatic place

Tears come to my eyes and I cry out

With such passion that I want to weep. 46 more words