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Everybody knows… I know, you know, they know, yet it is unbelievably hard to accept that what we have is extraordinary. The sight of you took my breath away along with all my innocence and sense of dignity. 418 more words


Eating Wild Strawberries

This morning while reading the New York Times I came across the article “For Some, ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple.” Researchers have discovered that as you get older you are likely to draw as much happiness from an ordinary experience as you are from an extraordinary one. 1,174 more words


Sex, Love, and Rocky Road

Some insatiable sensualists seem to say that sex is similarly satisfying whether we are in a loving relationship or not. Recent research, millennia of literary renderings, and years of clinical practice suggest otherwise ( 439 more words

Natural Sensuality

I am sitting across from her and my body is beginning to shake with my yearn to touch her. The softness of her skin, the subtle sensuality of her fingers, the way her eyes trail upward to meet mine, giving me a quizzical look as if to say, “I feel you staring at me.” I apologize for the intensity of my gaze but I am lost in her presence. 26 more words

Hide and Seek, The mask and The meek

She was mesmerized. The glow in her eyes were brighter than the cackle of a bird sanctuary. She loved how the drape made her look. The fall of the sleeve made her walk like a swan, graceful and serene. 395 more words