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Naked and Sexual - Fiona Thrust, episode 1

Hi there!

I’m busy writing an ongoing sexual saga simply called Fiona Thrust which is named after, erm, my highly sexual self, ha ha! Because it’s a combination of my sexual experiences and my overactive and frenzied sexual imagination. 6,584 more words


My Girl Crush

It happens. I do get crushes on girls from time to time.

Often, my tastes reflect my father’s, somehow, though I am not conscious I am doing this. 520 more words


Actually, I prefer the pink boa and megaphone, tyvm.

ANYWAY,  Scott…
Saw STP at SPAC (a bit o’ Alphabet Soup for you…) a few years back. (Sorry-Saratoga Performing Arts Center)
Good fucking God. 80 more words



Stars plucked slowly from her eyes
with every stroke of fingertip.
Kindling kisses igniting her heart
as he supped a sip from eager lips.
Tongue lapping at her shoreline… 39 more words

All Things in Moderation, Including Being Extreme

Extreme. Whenever I’ve encountered one of those survey/questionnaire thingies that ask you to “describe yourself in one word”, this is the word I usually choose. 213 more words


the perfection of the female orgasm

I have much more direct experience with the female orgasm than male.

Let me restate that. I guess I have more experience with my own than anyone else’s, and I’m male. 441 more words


Not Yet

elusive emotion

insinuates itself in accidental places

I never expected to need you

I never expected to hate you

I never expected to love you… 93 more words