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Surprise! Battle Fever J 01-26 Batch Torrent (and episode 27 subtitles)

So, the other day Angel contacted me and offered to make the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate….. I mean, subtitle and video file. 106 more words

Battle Fever

monday monsters: gyodai

Hey, it’s time for Monday Monsters! This week is kickin’ off with Gyodai, a recurring monster from 1985 sentai seriesĀ Dengeki Sentai Changeman, which I’ve been shamelessly blasting in the background while I work. 62 more words


Battle Fever J - Episode 26

So yeah, secret identities. Those are really important for super heroes.

Episode 26

I’ll be uploading a renamed batch of subtitle files, so you can watch Battle Fever as easily as possible. 23 more words

Battle Fever

Battle Fever J - Episode 25

So, secret identities are important for Battle Fever, right? We learned this last episode.

Apparently not!

Episode 25

Battle Fever

Battle Fever J - Episode 24

Miss America gets an episode, finally!

Episode 24

This episode was badly mangled (16:30 down from the usual 22:00 to 24:00) so there’s a number of missing lines and I tried to fill in the gaps as best as I could. 19 more words

Battle Fever

Battle Fever J - Episode 23

Clip Shows and Ghost Monsters.

Also Space Invaders.

Episode 23

Battle Fever