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Battle Fever J for Newcomers

Welcome! A lot of new people are stopping by, so I thought this post would be appropriate.

No doubt you’re here, because you (much like myself) are interested in watching Battle Fever J. 208 more words

It's Woman Crush Wednesday! #WCW

It’s mid-week and finally things have slowed down enough for me to spare some time to do an update for this blog. Since it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d go with a feature piece on one of my favourite Sentai characters. 798 more words


Gingaman 33


This week Saya gets a whole episode all to herself. Well, she does share it with the most radical 90’s child ever. What’s cooler than a kid who wears his hat sideways? Nothing, that’s what.


Robot X Kaiju Love

“Sentaimental” / 7 x 10 in., Acrylic, pencil, and collage on board