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[Philippines] A Sentai Reunion Interview Was Supposed to Happen, But It Got Cancelled and Here's Why


Ryosuke Kaizu (Real Name Inaba Kazunori) was Red Mask from the iconic sentai show Hikari Sentai Maskman. For those unfamilliar with the term, think of Sentai as the collective for all the “Power Rangers” shows in the US, which as you all know has its roots in Japanese superhero shows, known as “Sentai”. 631 more words


Battle Fever J: Episode 50

Sixth ranger? Pff, who needs a sixth ranger when you have General Kurama Tetsuzan.

Episode 50

EDIT: Seriously, watch this episode. It’s probably the best episode of the series. 13 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 49

Battle Fever goes to the kid-well way too often for my tastes.

Episode 49

Internet update: Right now I’m at a friend’s place for Productivity Night, using their internet to post tonight instead of in the morning. 57 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 43

This episode is so serious, there’s no roll call.

Episode 43

Super serious.

Okay, there’s one joke in here from me. You’ll know it when you see it. 13 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 42

Dun, Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaa, dada-da-daaaaaaaa.

Episode 42

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was about seven minutes missing from the original, but the latter half is mostly intact, so it’s all good. 8 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 40

Today, we learn the evils of studying.

Episode 40

I feel like I might have to fight this Study Monster myself, soon.

EDIT: Videos are up for 39 and 40. Enjoy your double-dose :)

Battle Fever J: Episode 39

The moral of the story: Go to your doctor when you feel ill, don’t go see Egos.

Also: The Robot Mynah is apparently named Kyutaro. 10 more words