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Battle Fever J: Episode 42

Dun, Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaa, dada-da-daaaaaaaa.

Episode 42

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was about seven minutes missing from the original, but the latter half is mostly intact, so it’s all good. 8 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 40

Today, we learn the evils of studying.

Episode 40

I feel like I might have to fight this Study Monster myself, soon.

EDIT: Videos are up for 39 and 40. Enjoy your double-dose :)

Battle Fever J: Episode 39

The moral of the story: Go to your doctor when you feel ill, don’t go see Egos.

Also: The Robot Mynah is apparently named Kyutaro. 10 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 38

Egos has really been stepping up their plans.

Episode 38

I’d like to stress again that I am on-track for meeting my target date of August 31st. 48 more words

Battle Fever J: 01-26 mp4 Torrent

Posted a torrent of the MP4 versions of the first half of the show!



Malaysia Own Superhero, Ryujin Juwara!!

It has been long enough for Japanese and American to dominated the world of HENSHIN!! It is time for us, Malaysian to have our own super henshin hero. 333 more words


Battle Fever J - Episode 37

General Kurama Tetsuzan shows us who the real badass on the team is.

Episode 37

EDIT: Videos are up in the downloads section.