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Robot X Kaiju Love

“Sentaimental” / 7 x 10 in., Acrylic, pencil, and collage on board


ToQger 28 - Plastic Furniture Hate

Okay, the plot had nothing to do with overthrowing the evil plastic chair syndicate, but it’s pretty funny how much plastic garden furniture has to suffer in toku. 229 more words



Drinking: 40s of OE

Why: Cuz I’m broke and I’m not gonna be paid for few weeks.

Anyways back on track here, I’m gonna be watching a few episodes of Akibaranger, get drunk, and post my opinions because I hate my life and work sucks etc etc. 222 more words


Making Sense of Senselessness (in Jetman)

So this is a little different, even for what I’m used to. Tuesday I finished watching the Chojin Sentai Jetman, one of the odder entries in Toei’s sentai pantheon. 2,090 more words


Fluffy, Fluffy Kamen Rider

So this weekend (which was Labor Day in America – yay arbitrary holidays!) I got the opportunity of finally watching a Kamen Rider product. It was… 1,264 more words