No one was yet aware that it had become aware, that it was now living, sentient, that it could now do more than just connect, process, aggregate, predict, that it could now feel, comprehend, hunger, fear, that it could now hunt, protect, attack, control. 22 more words


Let Me Introduce You to the Characters of Sentient

This is our main character, Palamourah de la Croix:

Sullen murmurs from rangers greeted Pala as she walked toward the front of the group to join Commander Barkin, Cabot, and Marshal Devlin Riyst. 638 more words


Post Mortem

This moralistic filter is just like a
piece of tape over my mouth.
Like the makeup on my face to
hide the mortality.
The dark rings around my eyes, 101 more words


Sentient: Infecting the Pittsburgh television scene

My new article is up on the Duke. This week, a look at an upcoming web series about a virus, which is not only sentient, but actively out to get you. 24 more words

Portraying Fish (and other Marine Animals)

This post is one of several prepared as part of the Open College of the Arts Digital Photographic Practice module; specifically Assignment Four.  In this assignment I am addressing the p… 531 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Stuff People Say to Vegans "You Killed a Bug! Aren't You Vegan?"

Whenever there’s a spider in my room, I attack. My attacks are always sloppy and I lose the spider 80% of the time, but I do try to kill them. 549 more words


Beginning Again

While I’m waiting for Sentient to be published, I haven’t been sitting around. I’m working on another story and, as you’ve seen, I’m getting ready for the marketing push when the novel does eventually sell. 162 more words