Beginning Again

While I’m waiting for Sentient to be published, I haven’t been sitting around. I’m working on another story and, as you’ve seen, I’m getting ready for the marketing push when the novel does eventually sell. 162 more words


New Research Opportunities Made Available Through Smart Technologies

A couple of posts ago I presented a table of opportunities, threats, and barriers to entry of smart cities. Today we are going to discuss the first of the listed opportunities – ‘New Research Areas’. 319 more words

Smart Cities

Sentient Seen at Tripoint; Leads Pilot to Artifact DSS

UUNN Mailbag

By JokeR_GdI
(edited by Thane Carios)

(TriPoint Station) On 114.9.10, at approximately 23:00 UTC Pilot Drevent reported a strange spawn of C1 Jellyfish at Tripoint station. 134 more words


The Ancients

While I’ve been waiting for Sentient to get rolling, I’ve been working on the sequel, tentatively titled The Ancients. I don’t know if that title will even apply after I’m done. 90 more words


Bye Brill

My oldest and beautiful dog left us yesterday. It was very sad, and was much harder to deal with than I expected. Brill had been ‘getting old’ for a long time, and watching her die ever so slowly, I thought, would make dealing with her death, when it eventually came, not so hard. 88 more words


Movies I Saw at My Sister's House (Part One)


There’s a ghost in the machine. And it looks like Johnny Depp.

In fact, it is Johnny Depp.

Y’see, early in the movie, Depp’s character, a brainy scientist named Will Caster, dies of radiation poisoning and his equally brainy and ever lovin’ wife, Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) decides to download his intelligence into a machine. 93 more words

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