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Princess Fumi Strikes Again With A New Movie and Novel

Please note that we normally only post two interviews per month. This interview, however, was included because it was such a special event. Princess Fumi Hancock is a groundbreaking media figure with a new novel, a movie and a talk show. 2,424 more words


A Curious Case of Identity Theft?

You hear about identity theft occurring, but sometimes, we think that we are impervious to these strange events. From illegal immigrants pining for citizenship in your country, to drug lords trying to smuggle their goods across borders, to opportunistic goons wanting to commit financial fraud, and to the ever-growing presence of terrorist cells around the world; identity theft is conducive to all of the above. 456 more words

The Sentimental Lesson

Through my love and beauty challenge, I noticed that only a few of the items on either list had sentimental value. I had expected there to be more sentimental items to be on my “Things I Love” list at the very least. 303 more words

A Moment With Author and Film-maker Fumi Hancock

1. Quickly, give us the title and genre of your book and a short tagline:

Of Sentimental Value

“One Event Can Change Your Life Forever!” 2,337 more words

How To Purchase Quality Jewelry For The People You Care About

It is important to understand the proper way to shop for, wear and store fine jewelry, regardless of whether it is a newer piece or a cherished heirloom. 623 more words

Teddy Bears

I got my first teddy bear when I was a baby (see photo above), and it seemed to spark a teddy bear obsession, particularly white ones. 177 more words



by Karl P. Bolivar


            Second to my family and people closer to me, of course it is unarguable that they are the first, that I have a hardship to things let it go are things which have a sentimental value to me. 254 more words

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