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Just for the record(s)

So last Sunday, I had arranged to meet up with my siblings and go through some stuff we have in these garages with a view to throwing some stuff out and perhaps reducing the garages from two to one.  2,023 more words


Special Old Toys Video

Since Im trying my hardest (and boy, is it hard!) to hold off on buying any new dolls untill my Makie arrives, heres a video to fill my blog out a little bit in the interm. 25 more words


I'm Shrinking

You’d think I’d be excited and happy about this, since shrinking is my goal, and sort of the whole point. But, weirdly, I’m not. I guess I just always need something to bitch about. 439 more words


What are Valuable Uncommon Objects?

Questions of the week:

What is a “valuable” object?

What objects are important to us?

What is it that makes one more valuable than another? 217 more words

Kawasaki Estrella.. Menjual Kualitas dan Nilai Sejarah Yang Panjang


Kobayogas.com – Sudahlah lads, spek dan berita peluncurannya pasti sudah pada tahu dong ya.. KBY hanya ingin beropini from KBY point of view pertaining to Estrella…

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Through thick and thin...

Last Wednesday I came home to a harsh reality.  My MacBook of 7.5 years had finally decided to lay itself to rest.  It refused to boot up, I removed the battery, reset the SMC and hoped for some signs of life.  513 more words

The Keys to Lost Treasure

A piece of treasure doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you keep hidden away under lock and key so that it does not get stolen. 338 more words

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