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Teddy Bears

I got my first teddy bear when I was a baby (see photo above), and it seemed to spark a teddy bear obsession, particularly white ones. 177 more words



by Karl P. Bolivar


            Second to my family and people closer to me, of course it is unarguable that they are the first, that I have a hardship to things let it go are things which have a sentimental value to me. 254 more words

Social Philosophy

Let it go…

by Francis Jay Jarabelo


Every individual has their own things which they really value and care of. These things gave them sentimental value. For them, they put meanings on that thing or it serve as a remembrance to someone who gave to them. 556 more words

Social Philosophy

Mining the Museum

Strawberry Thief, 1883, by William Morris

The idea was to focus on a gallery space or object, questioning the role of the museum in society and research into issues of safeguarding art work.   704 more words


On The Things I've Lost - The Pitfalls Of Placing Sentimental Value On Material Objects

About a week before I lost my favourite ring, a sales assistant had complimented it. I’d told her I hoped I’d never lose it. My boyfriend had joked that I should have it 3D printed, or take note of its dimensions so that it could be recreated in the future. 565 more words



Some things are not replaceable no matter how similar they are.

Roll your eyes at me, for being a materialist or laugh at me for my craziness. 41 more words

Sentimental Value

Special Gift

It has been five years, since my beautiful sister Zia, got married. On that blissful occasion, I still remember how devastated I felt, because I lost the most precious & priceless gift that I had with me since I was 7. 282 more words