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The Last Chance - Chapter 9

A Fanfic by DoctorV


Chapter 9

Theme song: Sometimes – Britney Spears

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I’m scared of you…
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[Series] The Boy Next Door - Chap.1

The Boy Next Door

Chapter 1
Author : Caesar
Judul : The Boy Next Door
Genre : Romance, Comedy.
Cast : Seohyun SNSD ǀ Luhan EXOǀ Other member SNSD & EXOǀ 2,681 more words


Love Is Painful (Chapter 1)

Author : A Mysterious Girl
Chast : -Cho KyuHyun
             -Seo JooHyun
             And Other
Genre : Sad , etc
Disclaimer : ff ini benar benar murni dari otak saya… 1,551 more words


The Last Chance - Chapter 8

A Fanfic by DoctorV


Chapter 8

Theme song : Somebody Out There – David Archuleta

There’s somebody out there,
somebody somewhere to show you the tenderness you need…
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[FF|Freelance] Actually, I Love You

Actually, I Love You

Main cast : Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE) ǀ Im Yoona (SNSD)

Support cast :  Jung Yonghwa ǀ Seo Joohyun ǀ Kwon Yuri ǀ Choi Jonghoon… 17,430 more words

Lee Jong Hyun

[Naver: TV Report]" THE Taetiseo" first episode, the Taetiseo's story that we didn't know of

1. [+729, -118] “I don’t feel like popularity is something that is expected or definite. It’s something to be grateful for and we receive so much of the love that people dream of having. 282 more words


The Last Chance - Chapter 7

A Fanfic by DoctorV


Chapter 7

Theme song : By Myself – Tiffany

“Sooyoung, ngừng ngay việc nhìn cậu ta như thế đi. Cậu ta không phải thức ăn đâu” 6,426 more words