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Empty Streets in the Early Morning

It was always quite surreal how empty and lifeless the streets of Seoul’s Party Districts felt the morning after. Only a few short hours ago, while it was still considered night, still dark out, the streets would be busy with young people enjoying a Saturday night out, for university students, one of the few nights out to be young and free. 290 more words

South Korea

New Green After Black and white

New Born Green Leaves of Spring
New Born Green Leaves of Spring

Chill time at Hongdae

I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that Hongdae is my favorite location in Seoul. The main club area is loud and rambunctious with a quirky crowd, but it’s the “outskirts” of Hongdae that have really captured my heart. 282 more words


I want candy

Korea isn’t big on candy, so I was pleasantly surprised to visit my local supermarket the other day and find this entire aisle dedicated to all things sweet.

Cultural differences

In Australia you press the button at traffic lights to cross the road, so when I came to Korea, I always pressed the button. I did until a Korean friend told me only disabled people pressed the button so the lights would make a noise to let them know when the lights turned green. 15 more words

Cloud Pink by Everyware


CLOUD PINK at gallery seoul xii
Galleria Forêt, Seoul, Korea

2011 by Everyware

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