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Fighting Over Choice of Service Provider in Child Custody/Access Disputes

You know the file is going to be high conflict when you receive a call from one parent extolling your virtues, wanting you as service provider be it child custody/access assessor/evaluator, mediator, arbitrator or parenting coordinator and then hearing the other side is opposed to your appointment in this capacity. 521 more words

"We don't get along," he said.

My dear sweet daughter,

I tried. I really really did

I’m sorry.
I couldn’t give you a family like you deserve with a father and brothers and sisters. 11 more words

Films on a Friday #26 - Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

Hello folks, a Natalie Portman film this week wooo.

81. Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
I can’t remember why I popped this onto my watch list, but I rather liked it. 123 more words