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"We don't get along," he said.

My dear sweet daughter,

I tried. I really really did

I’m sorry.
I couldn’t give you a family like you deserve with a father and brothers and sisters. 11 more words

Films on a Friday #26 - Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

Hello folks, a Natalie Portman film this week wooo.

81. Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
I can’t remember why I popped this onto my watch list, but I rather liked it. 123 more words


On my Soapbox!

I will very rarely speak out and openly disagree with the words and opinions of a so-called ‘expert’ but quite frankly, the news I have heard today has infuriated me. 808 more words


Losing the Luster

Life had become routine. I woke up each day wanting for my existence to be different but it wasn’t. I promised to give my best effort each time I was blessed with a fresh morning, but the feeling at the end of the day was always the same. 493 more words

Cheating Parents