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Who gets to play Santa now we're divorced?

A look at a report recently published, titled ‘Children, divorce and separation in the festive season’ – How the UK’s divorced and separated parents deal with the practical and emotional demands of Christmas. 1,529 more words

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Separated Parents: What to do about birthdays?

Who doesn’t want to celebrate their child’s birthday on their actual birthday and what parent wouldn’t want their child to be with him/her on their birthday too? 512 more words

Right of First Refusal - Pandora's Box

Right of first refusal (ROFR) refers to an agreement between separated parents such that they will first go to each other if in need of a care provider for the child (babysitter). 600 more words

Separated Parents and the Continuum of Conflict

Not all parental separations are alike and not all parental separations spell disaster for their children. The social science research advises that the most salient factor in determining risk for poor developmental outcomes for children subject to parental divorce is the level of conflict between the parents. 880 more words