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Parenting Fears

On a daily basis multiple things are added to the list in my brain of things that frighten me about parenthood. Yes, I have anxiety issues and yes, I’m completely aware that worrying isn’t going to help. 577 more words


Separation Anxiety

Experts say that around the 9 month mark, babies start experiencing separation anxiety. My son was spot on with his timing. It was like overnight he decided he couldn’t be apart from me. 296 more words


The Invisible String: Helping to Ease Separation Anxiety

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Children go through separation anxiety at various times in their development. (If you are a parent, you already know this. If you aren’t a parent yet, but are expecting, here’s another thing to expect). 484 more words

Separation Anxiety?

Today, my center held its annual Easter egg hunt in which children get to dress up (optional), make easter baskets, and go outside and hunt for eggs filled with lots of fun treats! 752 more words

Child Development

Dangers of Hospital Births: Why Birthing in a Hospital Can Cause More Problem's than it Solves - SEPARATION ANXIETY


Separation Anxiety

Perhaps the most egregious and unnecessary interference with the normal birth sequence is the separation of mother and baby immediately after birth. Even a ten-minute separation is too long during this critical first hour after birth—it prevents the natural nipple stimulation that increases the mother’s oxytocin, which will contract the uterus and prevent a postpartum hemorrhage. 1,217 more words


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Separation Anxiety

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Separation. We all get one true love in our lives, and it’s up to us to find it. Fate will act and try to push us together, but ultimately it’s up to us to recognize who that one person is when he’s standing in front of us. 186 more words

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The small, young child cannot be consoled as her cheeks become saturated with her tears.  She cannot be distracted from her sorrow by bright shiny toys offered to her by well-meaning caretakers.  530 more words