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: got nomophobia? :

Don’t laugh. You probably do. Nomophobia, you see, is shorthand for ‘no-mobile-phone phobia’ — which is a fancy way of saying separation anxiety.

Yeah, not so funny now, is it? 392 more words


Video Games as a Bonding Experience

Let’s face it. There is still a large group of people, possibly even the majority of people, that, when hearing that we as adults still play and enjoy video games, dismiss us as if we are being infantile or childish in our interests. 949 more words

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Struggles of a working mom: Separation Anxiety

There she was, small and fragile. Mommy had just disappeared. One moment she was waiving goodbye the next she was gone. What is goodbye? The only thing she knew was that mommy was no where. 1,077 more words


Sometimes, things go smoothly…

It now appears that I won’t have my copies of the print edition of my first book, Separation Anxiety, until early August.


Our childcare journey

Putting our little one in childcare at 10 months old was a big challenge for me. I knew at that time I could easily extend my maternity leave for another year or so. 571 more words

Isabelle Sim

Lavendilly Storytime: The Search for the Classroom Elf

The Search for the Classroom Elf

Written by and copyright to Jennifer McCormack, July 2014.

One year, when I took my class of children from Prep into Grade One we discovered a little elf living in our classroom. 1,637 more words

Story Telling


As a person who has lived most of my adult life as a co-dependent, I must say that it’s one of the most difficult things a person can go through. 1,229 more words