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"Institutional Treason": Boehner’s Lawsuit Is Betrayal Of Congress

Republicans have finally filed their lawsuit against the president over implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Actually, the president isn’t a respondent; the suit names the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Secretary. 301 more words



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Consequences of an Imperial Presidency

“Consequences of an Imperial Presidency”

Precedent set. At some future point a Republican president will be elected…now a fight for all the marbles.  Will be interesting to see which laws they enforce and which they don’t.   239 more words

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There is Nothing Wrong With Our Republic.

The chief executive merely decided to usurp powers he, and a notable other, once ascribed to the the legislative branch whilst in the shadow of a place called Caesars Palace. 173 more words


"Why Congress, Not Obama’s Illegality on Immigration, Will Likely Kill the Madisonian System," By Peter Haworth

As has already been discussed here at Nomocracy and is now also being discussed everywhere in anticipation of Obama’s planned executive order to provide protective status to millions of illegal immigrants, President Obama is on the precipice of usurping Congress’s Article I legislative powers with a few strokes of his powerful pen. 2,293 more words

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'History is old': Atlantic writer blames Framers for 'constitutional malfunction'

And we’d expect nothing less from the likes of The Atlantic:

Imperfect union: The Constitution didn't foresee a divided government http://t.co/4qYjxqdQ1l pic.twitter.com/wsi803XXfl

— The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) …

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"Boehner Wants To Expand Magic Obama Lawsuit": Another Sign Republicans Don’t Have Specific Policies To Articulate And Fight For

House Speaker John Boehner’s magic lawsuit against President Barack Obama is back! And he’s considering whether to try to use it to solve his immigration problem. 446 more words