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Every stranger's best friend

You’re screaming and all anyone attempts to hear is a mute whimper.

Mini Wisdoms

Time On Our Hands

“Time’s Still on my Hands”
An original poem -2014
(Inspired by thoughts on quantum entanglement and love as a reincarnating force)

The Time that’s on these hands… 300 more words


Love may hurt but it is worth it every time...

Why doesn’t anyone tell us as children; “Love often hurts. The person you love may not love you back, or it may change. But, that’s OK. 250 more words


Six Degrees of Separation

Sometimes, life has a really bizarre way of joining people together. About a year ago, I met a couple from Ohio who are friends of my uncle while visiting California. 340 more words


Degrees of separation

You always, somehow inevitably, know someone who knows someone who knows someone, who… *insert anything*

I just found out that I know someone who knows someone, who’s friends with people that have been affected horribly by MH17. 1,077 more words



I suggest you walk into my pain as into the breaking waves of an ocean of blood, and either we will both drown or we will climb out together and walk away.

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Love never dies....

 What is love? Is it durable? Is it conditional? Or is it just a ‘show off’ thing?

At the age of sixteen, who knew that a girl was going to fall in love! 434 more words