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Challenging Communication

As I work with individuals that are learning to co-parent after a divorce or separation, I am often approached by parents asking “How do I learn to survive co-parenting with a person that I really do not like and clearly does not like me?” Any one that has been faced with a similar situation knows there is not a simple answer to that question. 649 more words


Front Door

Patience is something I lack and what I consider to be my biggest flaw. These past few days it is even more so apparent. We have taken big strides compared to where we started (or should I say ended) a few months ago. 497 more words


Post-Divorce Mantra

Really. What more can I add to this? This pretty much sums up the last five years of my life.


Mated for Life

We are mates
even today so to speak
but that doesn’t entail
walking together over the peak.

Our lives entwine
even today so to speak… 150 more words


Optimal Separation of Twin Convex Sets under Externalities

Read  fulll  paper  at:



Indrajit Mallick


Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, India.


<span “=””>This paper studies the outcomes of independent and interdependent pair-wise contests between economic agents subject to an optimal external decision problem for each pair. 682 more words

Dog Anxiety Separation Training

Do you know that 75% to 80% of dogs that are adopted or rescued suffer from a truly debilitating mental illness which is known as separation anxiety? 471 more words



Definition from Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Codependency refers to an extreme dependency of one person on another who suffers from an addiction. The dependent person’s actions unintentionally help maintain the other person’s addictive behavior—a phenomenon also referred to as “enabling.” Characteristics of codependent persons include low self-esteem, an unreasonably high need for approval and affection, and denial—both of their own personal needs and of problems within the relationship.

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