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This is bearable. I can survive this. Yesterday we helped you move, all of us, a family working together. Cheerful, bantering, a casual goodbye, no hugs, no tears. 170 more words

Just go away, forever


To say that I am lost and struggling would be an enormous understatement. To say that it is not your fault that I am feeling this way or that this situation is not your responsibility would be an enormous fabrication. 921 more words


Are the stars changing?


Today I felt a sigh of relief as I experienced happiness. I am excited about my future and the possibilities I will encounter. I am going on 7 weeks since I left him. 166 more words

Last Word

I guess you got the last word,

I have years to regret the hurt,

we gave one another

with the contempt ex-lovers

so easily do. 23 more words

Getting Over A Broken Heart

Out of my nightmares and into reality

One night before bed in the early Fall of 2013 my husband, a man whom I have loved for going on 16 years, told me that just a few nights before he had allowed himself to get drunk and in doing so to have sexual contact with another woman. 265 more words


Love under different skies

For the first four years of our marriage, my husband was in the Coast Guard. The first six months were great — he was in school and home every night. 299 more words

Book Review: Under the Baobab Tree

Jane Chidgey wrote her memoir about the seven years that she helped run a game reserve in South Africa with Peter whom she later married.¬†Jane’s direct personality shines through the pages as she first chronicled her time as an executive to CEO’s of large companies in the city of Melbourne, Australia. 124 more words

Book Review