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I Love You, But Mark My Conditions!

I’ve always said that love should be unconditional. However, when it comes to a romantic love and a marriage- it should be CONDITIONAL.

It can be unconditional in the sense of accepting your partners flaws (physical and character ones), past, secrets, small mistakes, etc.- so that you are able to love them completely for all they are, but not unjust actions that would ruin YOU. 2,002 more words


I peg no expectations,
I have learned to accept the situations;
As they come.
For with past experiences,
Repeated disappointments,
One acquires certain….adaptations.

I yearn for excitement, 62 more words

To hold fast by God

In public life all thought of God is ignored. In some places church-bells are no more rung. Few days of prayer are appointed. God’s name is no more spoken. 106 more words


The Only Alex Addleston in All These Mountains

The Only Alex Addleston in All These Mountains written by James Solheim and illustrated by Jeffrey Ebberler (2014)

Alex Addleston arrives in her kindergarten room just to find that there is another Alex Addleston in her class, and he’s sitting in her seat. 207 more words

Picture Book Reviews

Separation: The time has come

My husband started planning our 10-year wedding anniversary 20 years ago. Sometimes I think he’s not much of a planner, but then he pulls an epic move like that. 582 more words


Fearful pride and other vices

What do you do when you realize you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life?  How do you move on from that awareness, knowing there’s no going back?  261 more words



“All the old separations between “holy” and “worldly” are not real. Everything is Divine.  Everything.” -Mother Meera

During yesterday’s silent sitting, I realized that there is absolutely no need to create distinctions. 171 more words

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