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Last Letter To Andrew

What’s the point of being there for a phantom
Phenomenal how easily children accept adults storys
Paint gold on a rotten apple if you like, but i never had a stomach for faux… 92 more words

Choose to Face your Feelings.... In the face of FEAR!

The sense of abandonment felt when you experience the lack of a father’s love is deep. It shows itself in many ways. For me the choice was to pretend it didn’t matter. 464 more words


Sunday Evening Blues

     It’s Sunday evening. I am at my husband’s place. We are both working, and for a fleeting moment it seems like everything is fine. As if nothing happened in the last year that rocked our relationship and left it in pieces. 806 more words



I know I am not ugly. I’m no beauty queen, and there are many women more beautiful than me in every way, but I am not ugly. 595 more words


Family Mediation is not just for divorcing or separating couples

An article in a The Sunday Telegraph today highlights the problems left behind for the survivor of an unmarried couple. Mediation can help when the estate and the survivor can’t sort out who should have what, especially when no will is around to guide them. 161 more words

Day 75 - A Terrifying Commitment

It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog. My journey has been an excruciating one for my life and all my faculties as a whole. 7,213 more words


Elixir Of Love

Silent cries, often unheard stay attached

to the elixir of love unadulterated

The longing to be hurt at least once

Has made you reopen the door of pardon. 103 more words