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My Bathroom Isn't Clean enough

X-H was here yesterday with the kids, he is doing me a great service by blowing the leaves.  It would be a better service if he taught my two teenagers HOW to do it instead of letting them sit inside and play games, but it needs to be finished now and I can’t complain. 266 more words


slow at first, then all at once

Things were coming to a head.  For twenty years, my husband and I had been on the marriage roller coaster.  We had good great times.  We had… 758 more words


A Story in the Dark of the Moon

Artist unknown! Thank you!

Let me tell you a story today…

I will tell it to you exactly as the Mother told it to me this Dark Moon… 719 more words

Dark Moon

Emotional dishabille in a relationship

Just a thought-

You ought to realize that if you fall for an atrociously self-centered person, it would only be you in the any kind of relationship, forever. 947 more words


Rise in ‘silver separators’ leads to health fears - The Christian Institute

More and more people will spend their final years, lonely, poor and in ill health because of a rise in divorce amongst the elderly, a study has revealed. 44 more words

The Christian Institute

Chapter Eleven

It was Thanksgiving and the leaves were well stripped from the trees. The tawny reds and warmly glowing oranges and yellows of the fall were gone, leaving only small clusters of leaves clinging to the highest most points of the trees. 1,430 more words



What is a friend?  There are a few definitions out there…

“a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relation” 343 more words