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Starting with Four Weeks Ago

I figure that I should start at the beginning, so I will tell the story of the days leading up to deployment and the actual day of.  1,096 more words

About Me

When Love Waltzed with Death...

The evening’s sadness welcomed the night

with a starless and eclipsed moon

He takes my hand

We shudder

Even though love dwells in vacant eyes… 60 more words

Promoting difference to create separation

Vive la différence!

The French saying has been taken into the English language as an expression of approval, ‘especially between the sexes’ as the Oxford Dictionaries… 780 more words

Distant Love

I’ll be walking in the sun,

Your arms holding me, your hand leading me

To a place where the heart feels free

To be loved. 51 more words


On My Own

I didn’t think it could get any worse but it has. I honestly can’t do this anymore. Things are getting so difficult. I know that there is only a few more weeks of this nonsense but I don’t know if I can make it. 248 more words

Hello! I’m Anamika Dutta from West Bengal/India and this is the Story of My Life.

On a beautiful sunny day of 21st March in the year 1993 I came into this world.

3,504 more words

I'm 30, Where Have All the Good Women Gone?

The thing about being a single man in your thirties is that you’re hopefully too mentally mature to date women under twenty-five but women over forty, although ideal because of their ability to be straightforward and honest about their wants and needs, may never fully trust that you possess the strength to forego temptations of younger women, and if you don’t have children, the 40-something woman will wonder whether she is setting herself up for future failure. 1,037 more words

Love Matters