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Velvet Verbosity: Finding Love

I was looking for love
Looking for it from a man
Looking for it from a child
Until I realized that I was looking but not seeing…
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Weekly Writing Challenges

Older crane - Brussels

Older crane along the river side, Brussels – Belgium. Photography made with Huemore and slightly filtered with Filterstorm Neue.


The crucible..

I think my best friend and I may have agreed to each do an exhibition of paintings if the other will… Which of course means we both have to…  Thankfully I think that last night I realized that I have begun producing works that I genuinely love, so that’s handy. 40 more words


Tap Water

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Sometimes Chimes

Somewhere far off (dozing distance),
Chimes ring.  Temple bells?
Reminders to pray?  Or maybe
Ghosts dancing on the wind’s melody.
Intermittent hesitation notes
Replacing sad-beautiful-gone-gulls’ cry. 27 more words