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How do you expand √(a+b)?

This is a question that was recently asked on Quora:

Is it possible to expand ?

it’s easy to expand

or some other but what about aka.

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Algebra 2 - Sequences

Q: What is the tenth term of the sequence: 4, 12, 36, 108, …?

Answer:  78732

Explanation:  It’s a geometric sequence because each term is multiplied by 3 to get the next term. 62 more words

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Summation with Factorials

Show that

In sigma notation, we are trying to prove
. Below, we present the same proof with and without sigma notation. 101 more words

Sequences And Series

Shifts, Finite Differences, and Binomial Transforms

The binomial transform of a sequence is the sequence satisfying 

In this post we prove the following:

Theorem: If is the binomial transform of , then  126 more words

Binomial Coefficients