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The Big Five, take two

More elephants eating the trees, giraffes on the side of the road, zebras running around, that’s all in a normal day here. But you somehow never get sick of seeing them. 936 more words


Day Five - The Mystery Switch and a Brilliant Idea

Last night I had the brilliant idea of sleeping with my headphones in and music playing so that even if something was outside the tent, I wouldn’t know. 899 more words


Day Four - Sleepless Nights in the Serengeti

Last night was the worst night’s sleep ever! I had about 2 hours’ sleep until I was woken up by something moving around outside our tent. 412 more words


Day One (continued) and Day Two - Travelling, Travelling and More Travelling

Having arrived at our hotel for the night, I’ve finally been able to steal the pen and notepad back from Sean. I can see that this is going to be an ongoing problem. 1,104 more words


Day One – The Start of the Fairhurst-Chaffe Adventures

I am currently sat on the plane with one thought on my mind – Sean is such a pain the backside! He says that we both have to write separate diary entries instead of us working together and creating one entry between us for each day. 493 more words