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getting caught up!

And back to the purpose of my blog! To share all about my wonderful sponsorship kids! I’ve gotten behind in posting recent photos and letters from the kids! 580 more words

my sweet Sergei

Kind sponsors fund an English club for the kids at Sokolovka orphanage, for the kids who wish to come. Sergei finally decided to attend, and I was pleased to see several smiling photos of him! 14 more words

For a friend

These are my friends original characters, Piper and Sergei. Colored it for fun and practiced. :)

 I ship them both so hard.

Hope you like, comments are always appreciated.

Just Fun

Sergei and "crazy science"

Thanks to Antares Foundation and their wonderful sponsors, the kids were able to have a fun Crazy Science workshop hosted at summer camp (for the Sokolovka kids)!   19 more words

Interview With The CEO Of Solar1, Sergei Dobroserdov by Yacht Blog

By Merijn de Waard
Solar1 Races is one particular of the leading – and most revolutionary – organisations committed to the development of the use of solar electrical power in a bid for a better, brighter and ultimately significantly far more green long term. 22 more words