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Date #1: Scotland

I mentioned that I was somehow only seeking men from other countries right? I think it was just nice to break away from American men, and somehow take me back to my travel days. 689 more words

Dates after a heart break (3-4)

July 10th 2014
Getting in the swing of things (the dating scene)
Dates 3+4

I have gone on two dates with Natalie now and I’m just not sure I’m ready for all this relationship talk… … 180 more words

Dating After A Heart Break

I have replaced dating with writing

Not so long ago, I was what I call a serial dater. You know, one of those people who goes from date to date to date, and often without any emotional buy-in what-so-ever. 425 more words


12 dates in 8 days because I can

I’m not some dating oracle carrying all the knowledge on how to “get a guy’s attention” and I’ve never actually used the bend and snap. I literally just posted one bikini pic on okcupid, and here we are. 177 more words

Hi my name is Roxie, and I'm a serial gym dater.

Girls… girls, girls, girls.

We have to do everything together, right?! Bathroom trips, shopping, movies, parties, some girls even share exes, and there is always that friend that invites you over to do nothing but watch TV…. 831 more words


Quantity vs Quality

Last post today I swear.

So since I’ve stopped talking to the ahole of a dude, I’ve gone back to my carefree ways. A little too carefree considering I thought about trying to go out on a date and sleep with a different dude each day this week. 208 more words

Just Because