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Shocking Details Revealed In "The Good Nurse" [REVIEW]

Most nurses give excellent quality of care to their patients. However, there are some who do more harm than good. 275 more words



From time to time I see Tinder profiles of potential hookups/husbands/baby daddies that just scream “serial killer”.

Mohammad is not in this world to “live up to my expectations”. 54 more words

Death Follows Nannie.....

Before Arlie had his fateful cup of coffee, tragedy seemed to follow Nannie in the early 1950s!  In June 1950, Nannie went to visit her sister Dovie in Etowah, Alabama.  493 more words

Female Serial Killers

Hostel Serbian Rednecks in the Woods

Haven’t blogged in a bit cuz I was busy getting married. So there.

Rednecks, cults, Manhattanites, rednecks, Europeans, rednecks, all of them sedating unsuspecting whoevers and dragging them into some grimy murder den in order to do all manner of graphic violence. 880 more words

Natural Born Killers

Time: 118 Minutes
Age Rating: Graphic violence
Woody Harrelson as Mickey Knox
Juliette Lewis as Mallory Knox
Tom Sizemore as Jack Scagnetti
Robert Downey Jr. 693 more words


For the Love of Crime

Television is always adapting and trying to find new and more exciting shows to produce. A large increase in these shows has been a variety of many criminal dramas. 554 more words