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This Week I Shall be Mostly Reading........

What are we Reading….

This week’s question is more of a catch up really, I always find it fascinating finding out what books other people are reading and why. 1,508 more words

killer 'dad wannabe' in #THOSEWHOKILL

still stinging from what thomas told catherine last week about how her mom must have known the truth, she burns a picture of her mom. guess we know how she feels about her mom now, can’t say i blame her…. 395 more words

Sightseers (2012)

IMDb – Sightseers

Starring and co-written by Alice Lowe (of Garth Marengi’s Darkplace, an old favorite), this film follows a couple on a road trip that takes a dark turn. 323 more words


Darkly Dreaming pt 2 - of lambs and Lecters..

Easter has come and gone. The magical rabbit, along with his suspiciously coloured eggs and hallmark friends, retreats, eluding the hunter for yet another season. We call off the hunt, we let our tired children rest, gather around the remnants of the feast table. 1,399 more words


Female Serial Killers

Guest Post by Tim Ellis

Image of Asami Yamazaki from Gores Truly

Gender equality means that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender, unless there is a sound biological reason for different treatment. 499 more words


The Itchy Green Felt Blanket (disclaimer: this is a violent one be prepared)

Tiny arms circled a teddy bear, its tan fur sticky with apple juice. His fingers tightened on the bear, convulsively as he stared at his mother drowsing in a drunken stupor. 865 more words

Carl Newton Mahan

In Paintsville, a small eastern coal-mining town in Kentucky, Carl Newton Mahan became the youngest person ever tried for murder.
On May 18, 1929 Carl, age 6 and his friend Cecil Van Hoose, age 8, found a scrap of iron that they planned to sell to a junk dealer for a little extra money.  33 more words

Serial Killers