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Do babies think like serial killers?

Now that I’ve your attention, I would want to address my more protuberant
doubt: Why doesn’t the Id destroy itself?

This question requires the context that the first question shall provide. 478 more words


Shit That Pissed Me Off - 4/18

Indian Politician Says Women Should Be Hanged With Their Rapists

I would love to believe that there is a little voice inside everyone’s head that says things like “you shouldn’t say that out loud” and idiots like this simply don’t listen.  1,526 more words


The Fall (Season 1)

Starring Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan

Created by Allan Cubitt

I am, in general, not a fan of serial killer stories. I am squeamish about the fearful final moments of victims that filmmakers and storytellers like to linger on, and these killer stories in particular tend to fetishize violence against women. 926 more words


5 Interviews With Psychopaths That Will Make You Feel Less Crazy

1. Bitches Be Crazy, Too!

While the majority of diagnosed psychopaths are men, women are not immune to the condition. As a result we have this startling footage of… 979 more words

The House of Wild Delights #38

The House of Wild Delights #38

Devils and killers, serpents and spiders, bongos and murders, weirdos and lovers, sinners, preachers, strippers and prowlers, all gathered round to party hard here, in The House of Wild Delights ! 50 more words



Why would a person do this? You might ask, well to figure that out, you need to look deeper into the killer’s psyche. In most cases, serial killers had a terrible childhood filled with abuse and trauma. 70 more words

Introduction Into The Life Of Serial Killer Richard Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski also known as “THE ICEMAN” is America’s most famous and deadliest Serial Killer of all time. He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on April 11, 1935 to Stanley kuklinski, a brakeman for railroads and Anna McNally who worked in a meat packing factory. 413 more words