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Sneak Peek: Chapter 7 - "Appropriate attire for international travel."

Wherever they’d landed, it was cold. Like sno-cones in the arctic cold. The small aircraft didn’t seem to have much by way of insulation, and they’d managed to haul her off wearing only Jami’s t-shirt and a sheer lace thong and bra. 286 more words


Page 01: The Way Home

If you tramp back down the trail to the tiny cluster of cabins, you will wonder why you went out so far. If you don’t, they will find your fingers frozen and open and fat free, absurd, primal claws reaching out for the last heat of the stars, your head between your feet your eyes squeezed shut in a last attempt to keep them warm. 1,340 more words


Pinwheel 8: Tessa and George Are Late

February 28th, 1931

Prince George Hotel, New York

‘I hope Alice is okay while we’re gone,’ Tessa says as they come to the top of the stairs. 5,680 more words


Ace of Spades VI: a micro-novel by Brian Powell


The helicopters were circling at first, which was not unusual for the area, even at such an early hour. State Route 51 was nearby, and rush hour was just starting. 573 more words


Dearly departed

What has gone before

Quentin gave in to his host’s control, letting “his” memories guide him through a chaotic shift in the Emergency Room. He likened the feeling to an out-of-body experience, looking on from the fringe, aware of both his and his host’s identity. 487 more words

Writing Prompt

"Serial": A podcast that is as good as the best crime novel or TV series

I’m quite new to the world of podcasts and online radio shows, but quite soon “This American Life” (TAL), of which “Serial” is a spin-off, has become one of my favourites. 265 more words