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The Saga of Reginald the Foul, 1.1

Reginald the Foul

For the third time in as many days Reginald the Foul was sprinting away from a village while attempting to wipe rotten egg from his robes. 573 more words


Cover Reveal: From The Inside Out


From the Inside Out is a brand

new 4 part serial from 

New York Times Best Selling 


Author S.L. Scott. 




Here are the AMAZING covers for Scorned and  283 more words


Chapter 1, Part 1

I woke up from my nap to the normal everyday sights and sounds.  The washing machine was chugging away diligently in the next room.  The television was droning incoherently, slowly invading my post-snooze grog.  1,001 more words


AVR programación en C – 07 Programación de la USART del ATmega16

La mayoría de los microcontroladores AVR de 8 bits de la familia MEGA cuentan con al menos una interfaz seriales RS232, también llamada USART (Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous serial Receiver and Transmitter), la cual nos permite comunicarnos de manera serial bidireccionalmente o unidireccionalmente  con otros dispositivos que cuenten con esta interfaz, como en el caso de una computadora u otros microcontroladores, con la ventaja de utilizar solo 3 cables en modo asíncrono. 1,856 more words


The Way I Do, Part Five

A stranger asked me if I knew the Devil / I told him, well, in fact, he looks like you / He told me he was no more than a lawyer / Who merely wanted someone else to sue / Or screw. 420 more words


Guide to upgrade USB drivers quickly

Have you heard about the universal programmer? Do you want to know about the USB drivers, its benefits and upgrading? Do you have the basic knowledge about the  44 more words