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Perspective of A Carrion Bird: Part Two By Michael "Reynard Malone" Rushing

I took a bite from the birdseed muffin and downed it with the milk.

My roommate was a twenty-four-year-old human college dropout by the name of Shawna Mills, and there were moments like that morning when I loathed her. 4,826 more words


Hannibal S02E08: Su-zakana

Episode ini kerasa kayak episode lepas dibanding dengan yang lalu-lalu. Lebih terasa proseduralnya. Katanya sih pembunuhan si episode ini karena duka. Hmm… duka karena Chilton akhirnya mati?


Crawling Back

Evans woke up. He looked around him. The son was bright over him. There was a constant ringing in his ear. He looked down at his body, surprised to find that he was uninjured by the blast. 1,012 more words

If the Good Lord's Willing, Part Three

Herewith is the continuing narrative of my latest serial short story, concocted from one of my songs.

Red frowned when he heard the sound of a country band, really more like a rock band playing country songs, from outside. 599 more words


BlackOut: Part III

A small sliver of light broke through the tiny gap between the two elevator doors on twelve. I left the opening on purpose. I needed to know exactly what I might be walking into if I were to venture outside the shaft. 483 more words


Serial Menjadi Mahasiswa (1) : Babak Awal

Bagi anak SMA, terlebih yang akan lulus, menceritakan tentang perkuliahan tentunya takkan membosankan. Saya dulu juga begitu. Bahkan, yang lebih dahsyat adalah saya dan teman-teman saya justru lebih seru berbagi cerita tentang perkuliahan tinimbang mata pelajaran sekolah. 235 more words


Wolf-Love, Installment No. 46 #wolf-shifter #romance


Installment No. 46

    Dining room? Ah, heck no, it wasn’t. More like a dining hall. The table was longer than the mobile home trailers dotting most of Washington County, Maine. 1,205 more words

Wolf Love