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The curious case of transient final locks and CopyOnWriteArrayList

Every now and then I discover a new class in the Java standard library that I’ve not needed to use before. Today, that class was… 312 more words


XAML Serialization

In my last windows project I was supposed to create a Layout Management tool where user can create web layouts through a windows application.

This tool is having following functionality. 213 more words



Resistentialism: The seemingly spiteful behavior shown by inanimate objects

She knew it was out for blood. Every time she went to use the damn thing, something happened. 288 more words

Short Story

Episode 125: Villainous Serialization

     A recent Internet conversation led to some thinking about some interesting aspects about serialization. A vast majority of my analysis on characters on a story that can span into multiple years is centered on the hero. 1,129 more words

Creating a JSON in Qt/Cascades

Creating a json format is very simple in Qt.

To create a JSON array you must use QVariantList and to create an object you must use QVariantMap. 206 more words

BlackBerry Cascades

MVVM Cross Basics - Passing Complex Parameters During Navigation

Having covered basic navigation, I found that I needed to pass my game state from view-model to view-model. I initially thought that I could simply do this as follows: 383 more words


Webinar about serialization and aggregation: the new CPS 1900 & 0400

Here is a short video webinar about our CPS Series for serialization and aggregation. The CPS 1900 with Tamper Evident function, as well as the CPS 0400, the semi automatic aggregation solution, are presented by Daniel Sanwald, Business Development Manager at Bosch Packaging Technology.

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