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The Sweet Silence - Prologue: Memories

“That smile would be the end of me.” I whispered in her ear. She drew out a faint smile across her face as she fell asleep on my shoulder. 1,032 more words


"Reluctant Dragons" - Two - Serialization

Yal-Tel hurried, stumbling over outstretched roots and loose rocks. Master needed his help. This dragon was like no other he had ever laid eyes on. He wasn’t outright violent, giving into innate animalistic urges to kill at will. 796 more words


"Reluctant Dragons" - One - Serialization

Martell Highborn knelt in the dirt road, a hand gently grazing over the tracks for which he was bidden to follow. A dragon came this way, he knew. 923 more words


Serialize Tree to a String and String back to Tree

Tree data structure is a data structure in which parent has a reference to its children. For sake of simplicity let’s assume binary tree, where a parent has reference to left and right child. 558 more words


TV Talk

It was my great pleasure to appear as a guest on the new episode of Dutch podcast Onder Mediadoctoren (‘Amongst Media Doctors’), where the topic was binge-watching. 130 more words


Managing Serialisation 9 – Where to start

It is highly likely that one or more parts of your organisation are already working on this issue, perhaps in a coordinated way, perhaps not. Initially, we would recommend continuing this work until the appropriate course of action has been decided. 276 more words


It all started with serialization

I am starting this series of posts about software design topics with one of the oldest problems in computer history: serialization.
My intention is primarily to discuss about rather general purpose topics and technologies in software design. 4,220 more words

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