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I don’t really talk about real serious stuff on my blog. That’s the reason why I haven’t posted anything for a while. There’s nothing new in my crush/love troubles and the one thing I CAN talk about, which I do really need to get of my chest, doesn’t belong on a blog, in my opinion. 77 more words


A card for my dad

It’s a pretty specific card, but it made him laugh

© 2014 Bridget Fahey Hodder


Repost: An Unknown Addiction

I posted this on tumblr a year and a half ago, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that all is well now. :) I got a good reception when I posted it there so hopefully the same can be said here. 1,775 more words


desperate call for help:'(

having really serious internal conflict about what I should do about this, because my heart and head can’t seem to agree with my actions:/ URGH do give me some advice pretty please<3

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Ask Stellar 13. Happiness?

Dear Stellar. I am chasing happiness. Any clues?  Yours, Miserable.  

Dear Miserable;  Yes, I have a few clues. Understand that happiness is a by product of doing something else.  200 more words

A Horse Box Photo Booth? Yep, We’re Serious, And We Want One Particular!

Following the large accomplishment of their vintage Caravan Photo Booth, Rosie, the husband and wife wedding photography team Gary and Angela Hector, have just launched their next special venture – a vintage Rice Horse Box Photo Booth! 16 more words

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