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Quote of the tNight #43

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious

Words of Oscar Wilde


Questions in the Dark

What if we’ve heard the things you’ve said behind our backs?

What if your silence has spoken louder than your words?

What if your theology is all full of cracks… 29 more words


Surat Al Fatihah

I really like this surah from the Quran –  سرة الفاتحة. Surah/surat is the special Arabic name for ‘chapters’ in the Quran and Al Fatihah is the first surah in the Quran. 152 more words

Is she "the one"..? (Pt. 2)

So this blog is going to be about my first serious relationship. If you haven’t read the intro blog “Is she ‘the one’..? (Pt. 1)” you should go to my love blogs and check it out. 1,158 more words


I pray for you....

These next few days are going to be hard. My school has received some serious threats. All I can think about are a few things. What could have happened in this persons life to make them want to do this? 469 more words

A Letter to My Future Wife

I’m up late at night thinking about you. Which is weird because it’s possible I haven’t even met you yet. But even so I stay up late wondering. 278 more words


Start of a New Adventure

As some of you may know, I planned a trip to NYC for pleasure and to clear my mind. I ended up coming back with a much more clouded mind and a much thinner wallet. 1,681 more words