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Philosophy Challenge

Hey there readers! Angelique here.

I know in my last post I promised you a run down of my very first camping trip… But really not much happened. 518 more words

Sticker Book Discipleship

Morning Thought: Last night I had a dream that someone gave me a book on discipleship. The cover looked really exciting and exhorted it’s readers to “proclaim the Gospel and make disciples.” I was very interested in learning the substance of the book. 59 more words

Morning Thought

Being Taken Seriously

Why are teenagers not taken seriously?
If someone says they are depressed, they are depressed. People shouldn’t base if they take someone seriously based on how old they are. 90 more words


The best of both worlds

We go to school every morning. We go to mini-parties by midnight.
We work on school stuffs every afternoon. We go to joyrides by dusk. 185 more words


Piety-Duty. Part-One.

Serious Prayer.

Piety could be described as an old fashoned word for prayer, but in this case it is important to have the duty of daily routine without using words that may have a harsher meaning. 59 more words

With a Light Heart

It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light. – G.K. Chesterton

I, sometimes,¬†am guilty of this….taking life too seriously.

But how can you not when there is so much negativity all around. 364 more words


Serious Face

This morning, Little Man was in a mood. Not really a bad mood, but not really good either. We sat playing in his room, and he was doing a really good job of playing on his own. 159 more words