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Our Marine!

My Cousin, Josh, just recently graduated from boot camp! He is officially a Marine now (:


Mad Ramblings

This is a work of fiction. Something I wrote after reading a guys interview on the subject.

I can’t be sure how many times I have thought about killing myself. 569 more words


Feral Cow

Deep in the foothills of Texas, where the Buffalo do actually roam and the deer and the Antelope play, there lives a creature that, since being discovered only thirty two years ago, has been photographed just four times in it’s natural environment.It is so stealth like in it’s habits that scientists still have no clue as to where it goes every year during the months of November through January, speculating that its strange disappearance could either be a “mating season rite or a winter hibernation like move”. 609 more words


Love is....

Love is definitely the most over used word in the English language. If it’s not, then I challenge you to tell me one that is more devalued in meaning, irrationally spoken or used in more hesitant lies throughout history other than the word love. 221 more words


Small & Cute

This was me last year.

Why so serious?

I don’t know.

Small and cute, I can do what I want to do! :)


A Durty Sound System Record Recommendation

A Durty Sound System Record Recommendation is SERIOUS DUBS by Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

A Serious time calls for Serious dubs and they don’t come heavier than this. 95 more words