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The Ten Series: Seven Wants

1. I want a dog

Ideally a whippet but I’d settle for a greyhound. I’m not allowed pets in my flat and though a lot of tenants still secretly have rabbits and cats, it’s hard to hide a dog. 1,206 more words


That Piece Of Paper

Part III: Final Self Examination

My biggest dreams has always been in wanting to do something with my life that involved either: traveling lots, being a published writer and photography. 713 more words


A Serious Design Challenge: A House that Enjoys the View of the Mountains while Respecting the Existing Ecosystem

Designed by David Pedroza Castañeda , this house is located in El Jonuco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The site is densely populated by local trees that pose a serious design challenge: A house that enjoys the view of the mountains while respecting the existing ecosystem.

The only possible solution w…

Something Serious

1 in 20 people are Epileptic. 1 in 10 people have an abnormal EEG scan but will never have a seizure. 1 in 3 people diagnosed with Epilepsy, are actually suffering with dissociative seizures, otherwise known as Non-Epileptic Attack/Seizure Disorder. 372 more words


Internal debate: Lyme's Disease

We spend a great deal of time with Lyme’s Disease either trying to convince ourselves to do something…or not to do something… there’s a constant internal debate… 20 more words


Loose Parts

Dear Yai Yai,

Every year as the first flowers start to bloom and our cars turn uniformly yellow I survey my back yard.  I am considering the usual suspects. 309 more words


The Ten Series: Eight Fears

1. Bangs

I suffer from an exaggerated startle reflex which means that relatively small stimuli can make me jump out of my skin, especially if I anticipate the stimulus such as when a character in a play pulls out a gun and I know there will soon be a bang. 1,217 more words