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Recent study shows kids today have it way better than kids fifty years ago

A recent study done by scientists at M.I.T. shows that children today have fewer restrictions, far less chores and way cooler toys than children 50 years ago. 211 more words


This ain't no JOKE son!

I’ve been noticing a lot more ads focusing on Mental illness as of late. I’ve also noticed an increase in Mental health awareness over the last couple of years. 652 more words


"There is nothing like puking with somebody...

…to make you into old friends.” – Sylvia Plath

Note:  For Clifton.  For the only person who comes close to understanding.

It’s winter and winter, in my opinion, is a useless season.  2,119 more words


Time to get up

We’ve all had those days when we don’t want to get up. You’re snuggled under the duvet, the pillows are just right, you’re comfy, warm and content, and just want to stay where you are. 1,573 more words

Talker99 sits unsure......and mentions his Book again.....and how you should buy it.

Okay so thanks to all who liked my post where I asked all of you to give a dollar and check out my book titled “Book!!!”. 856 more words


Why so serious ?

This blog makes me seem so serious all the time, so here is a picture of my husband and I in our more normal state.

Want to help me out for about a dollar? Buy my little Book

I was extremely bored and tired of being questioned about my writing by my girlfriend. After taking the abuse for an hour I decided I’d show her whats what and published a little book titled, BOOK!!!. 53 more words