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Chile Boo: Racist Undertones In Our Favorite Childhood Movies/Shows

I can honestly say that as a child, I was a stan for these movies. And when I read this article I remembered just how damn unbothered I was by the alleged “racist undertones.” Now I will admit, about two of these had me like, “yeah, now that shit is racist right there.” And I’ve always heard people say that Disney is, was, and has been racist for a long time now. 1,485 more words


My Saturday Love (sidebar)

So I walked into work two black ladies look up at stare at me (so I just walk past) two Hispanic ladies in the back look up and smile and say hello (so I speak) 166 more words


My Saturday Love (intro)

I’ve had my tea this morning and about 4 hours ago my (love) confessed he still thinks about me and whatnot
That all equates to me not giving a damn about these bitter ass old women I gotta work with (they can kick rocks)
*more to come at lunch*


My mother has absolutely forbidden me from working as a pizza delivery person…


I laugh in the face of danger!!!

Well my hours at the hotel have been cut…needless to say I was in need of employment. That was until I remembered that the pizza place had called me about a month ago. 118 more words