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Now as you know...

….I’m basically in love with this man
Unknown to me this man was apparently still with his girlfriend (or atleast that’s how it has been delivered to me recently; I’m hoping that they’re wrong) 61 more words


I just realized something

So I was reading a previous post “more HoneyBuns in the weight room”
And I realized that this man as clearly said he can’t be with me….but then comes back and admits to having a crush and wanting to date me… 107 more words


Some more HoneyBuns in the weight room

It was Thursday while I was running and my phone buzzed…his name came across the screen attached to “wyd?” Thus began our standard conversation.
Of course it had been like a week or so since id heard from him last so I was reluctant to text back in the first place. 265 more words


I absolutely hate when people stare at me….makes me think my face is falling off or something


The sound of snorting/sniffling is high up on my list of things that annoy the hell outta me. This K (that’s AKA for short) is in class next to me snorting) like chick! 24 more words


Homeless in Montgomery

I go to a school where they like to run out of housing for us returning students…and of course it’s summer school time and I don’t live in this city. 343 more words


Karen Civil Is The ONE.

Have you ever heard of Karen Civil? Most people haven’t, unless you’re really into what goes on behind the scenes of hip hop and entertainment. That’s how I learned about her. 431 more words

Hip Hop