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Factors Affecting the Decrease of Web Position in SERP

The position of a website in SERP is very important because search engine users rarely conduct a search to the back page of SERP. This is the reason why many web managers competing for the top position in SERP. 327 more words


Google’s Criteria to Determine a Qualified Website

Google is the most widely used browser by internet users. Until now Google position has not been moved by its competitors because Google has a number of advantages such as the integrated features. 327 more words


Strategies to Increase Blog’s Visitor via Facebook

Facebook is one of the social media that has developed very rapidly. The number of its users becomes greater time to time. It is not only used to solicit friendship but also useful to increase the popularity and gain more visitors for a blog extensively. 325 more words

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Tips to Avoid Haphazard and Unqualified Backlink

To win the competition on the first page of SERP, you have to build backlink. Every blogger who want to get advantages from their site must do some efforts to get backlink because they want to strengthen their blog position in search engines such as Google. 309 more words

Tips And Tricks

Article Promotion - Figure Out How To Apply It As Well As Increase The Revenue As Well As Serps

Knowing the actual Huge Image


My own imagine can be in which by now, that you are beginning start to see the large photo having marketing with articles. 489 more words

7 fool-proof marketing tips to promote your blog

So, you want to promote your blog? Here are some blog marketing tips on how to do so.

  1. Have good content, posted regularly. It’s best if this has a…

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Down in the jungle

Els més menuts gaudeixen amb els animals de la “jungle”

A cantar!

Los más pequeños disfrutan con los animales de la “jungle”

¡A cantar!