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Finding Yourself on Search Results

One of the benchmark exercises that an SEO practitioner should do is to search using his name as a key phrase. Other variations include less obvious variations like nicknames and jobs, or nickname and event. 531 more words

Strategies And Tools

Reasons To Dismiss Toolbar Pagerank Updates

There seems to be this hysteria around Google and its Toolbar updates. Maybe it relates to webmasters and internet designers assuming that when Google make this fabled toolbar update that their web site will amazingly lift in the SERP’s. 485 more words

When was the last time you 'Googled' yourself?

let’s be honest here, have you Googled yourself before? I do it now and again, as good practice to see what’s my online profile like, and what information is there on me out there. 363 more words

Brand Development

On SEO: Google is like the god of Gnosticism

Do you want your page to rank high on Google? Of course you do. How do you do it? Well, the process of trying to achieve a higher position on a given search engine’s results page (SERP) is, … 797 more words

Responses To Readings

You're so Seo: Level 1

Welcome to the SEO Zone! What is SEO you say? SEO is the abbrev. for  Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to augment the number of visitors the site receives via search engines. 515 more words

Chapter 3: Keyword Competition Analysis

There’s only one thing left to do: check out the competition on Google’s first page.

If you see a page littered with authoritative, bid brand results, you might be better off moving to the next keyword on your list. 1,745 more words

Keyword Research