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Carved walking stick Cane Snake India

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

A Month of Thankfulness - Day 21 - Instant Replay


(Image courtesy of totalprosports.com)

Instant replay, the ability to go back and study something that has already occurred or has already been presented.  This is typically known in the world of sports, but I am thankful that it can be used in other situations as well. 568 more words

Four Truths of History that Explain Your Day

Sabbath Reflection for Friday, November 21 (’14)

Text: Genesis 3:14-15 (read companion text of James 4:1-10)

14   (“Yahweh”) The LORD God said to the serpent,

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Sabbath Reflection

Beguiled by Beauty

Adam and Eve saw that the tree was special. Its fruit looked delicious and smelled delightful. A serpent, one of God’s most beautiful creatures,

approached Eve. 36 more words

New Work By Shall

Genesis Through the Lens of Shame Part I

When I read the first few chapters of Genesis dealing with the creation, I always think about consciousness. What is the difference between something with consciousness and something without it? 509 more words


“snakes don’t blink”

While hunting deer in the Tehema Wildlife Area near Red Bluff in northern California, Jay Rathman climbed to a ledge on the slope of a rocky gorge. 434 more words

When Love Becomes Still-Life

painting by Seana Monaghan Gallagher

When Love Becomes Still-Life


Nothing is louder than a heart unforgiven,

Screaming in the afternoon

Among an oil colored room of flowers and drapes… 197 more words