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The gateway is full of ghosts; full also is the courtyard


Serpents and labyrinths.  Kind of a thing with me.

I am affiliated with the Serpent tribe of Vanaheim, but it goes deeper than that – the serpent is a metaphor for my existence, climbing up the Tree, shedding its skin again and again.   2,573 more words


Life is like a box of Chocolate so the painting.

”Just Remember Life is a box of chocolate.” from the book The book Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami and ” Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. 279 more words


Continue to paint

These days I feel tired but I begin new painting while I am waiting to retouch other paintings. I am making some texture experimentation. I am making serpent and the tree. 75 more words


Inspiration: Swimming with Snakes!

Collectors and critics often wonder where we artists find our inspiration.

“What inspires you,” is a question asked in every interview. I think it’s a legitimate question, but a difficult one to answer. 414 more words

Stephen Hall

Texture experiences

Yesterday I made some texture experiences. I am making constructions with materials and paintings. To do best of ourselves can  be difficult and exhausted. I try to finished 4 canvases for february. 102 more words