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Adam Was The Serpent That Deceived Eve

It’s often said that the dragon in Revelation is the serpent that deceived Eve, but that can’t be true, because everything in Revelation is about after Christ’s resurrection (Rev 1:1). 3,200 more words




A Sermon by Rev. Terry Schnarr Preached in Sydney, Australia May 19, 1996

“And so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived” (Num.

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Caves: the Womb of Mother Earth

Do you like caves? They are kind of numinous, magical places, silent except perhaps for dripping water, dark, leading we know not where.

Our ancient ancestors felt the same, except that they had a pervasive idea that the earth was their mother (it kind of is, if you think about it) so to enter a cave was to return to the womb. 180 more words

Human Nature

Wadjet - Serpent NTR

Wadjet, The Serpent Goddess
by Catherine C. Harris

When I started looking for information on Wadjet, I ran into the fact that she is not a well-known goddess, and while I could find some information on her, much of it was a repetitive. 685 more words

Belief System

My Near-Death Experience with a Giant Python

For five years I was a professional snake wrangler. My dear friends and I had opened up a reptile shop with the lofty intentions of teaching humans to understand, love, and respect these strange and exotic animals, and as a result, learn to better appreciate the natural world as a whole (not just the cute fuzzy bits). 4,778 more words

Animal Stories

Serpent and lion -- Pleiades for dVerse


summer sweetness lingers
sinfully like honeyed
strawberries as serpent’s
slithered constellation
softly in deceitful lies
sings temptations as
space is cold and empty

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Jormundgand The World Serpent

In many cultures since the first steps of humankind towards spiritual paths, there has been always tales of a cosmic serpent, a being that moves in the seas of the world or around the world itself. 760 more words

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