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12 – Sap (Serpent)

The #12 Card

From my version of the tarot

The Drom Ek Romani


(Similar to the Hanged Man: sacrifice. Odin hung for 9 days on Yggdrasil to learn wisdom that he later shared with the mortals) 88 more words


A Good Deal?

Life has a way of throwing us a curve. We find something we want and we do what we can to get it. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is, a car, a job, or even a radio. 836 more words

FTR #3: Who Was That Masked Serpent?

It has taken me much longer than I had anticipated to write this next chapter review of Kris Vallotton’s Fashioned to Reign (to see why I am reviewing this, please see my post… 1,617 more words


The Serpent in the Garden: A Closer Look

It is both one of the oldest stories told in Western civilization as well as a cornerstone tale of morality, temptation, and honesty for Christians. The pericope (or section of a story) of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, found in Genesis 3, is a brief story, but one that has held significance for centuries for believers. 850 more words



Venom in your words

A sneer upon your lips

Nobodies safe

Your angers contagious

Your poison infects my bloodstream

As you fire your insults one by one… 99 more words


The lost plant / La plante perdue

“Gilgamesh sees a spring and how cool its waters are,
He goes down and bathes in the water.
A snake smells the fragrance of the plant, 303 more words

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