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The Eye of the Serpent: Kundalini Recollections 2013-2014

         One year ago, I started to experience intense, sporadic, and powerful sensations like no other, “Kundalini Awakening Experiences”. It started to manifest as a great amount of pain towards the base of my spine that lasted for weeks as well as emotional turmoil (feeling episodes of anxiety, depression or anger without knowing the cause, random bouts of laughing or crying, etc) spiritual turmoil (going through spiritual falls, feeling “lost”, not having any control of my abilities or energy, etc), health imbalances (allergies, being over sensitive to certain stimuli like sounds, light, smells, migraines, food sensitivities, headaches, diziness, etc), etc. 280 more words



Have you ever wondered why Eve was created from Adam’s rib? I heard a sweet little allegory that Eve was taken from Adam’s side because she was meant to be “by his side” and not in front of him or behind him. 1,361 more words


Naga - Thailand

Naga is the Sanskrit word for a deity or supernatural entity that takes the form of a great snake, they are believed to inhabit Mount Meru, as well as streams, oceans and underground caves. 156 more words



adam couldnt get it up
so eve went and fucked the snake

Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight: Grass snake

Just as at home in the pond as the grass, your moss green, mosaic skin snaking through the water, the slim collared arrow head finding frogs and finned gold delectably easy pickings, so that every time you appeared, we would fish out the keep net and you in it, off to the woods with you and a verbal warning not to return. 52 more words


The Serpent Between Us

I’m not sure where this one came from. For some reason I had a vision of Adam and Eve discussing their peculiar predicament, but it made me think about all relationships. 120 more words