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Punishment.  No one likes to be punished.  Even as an adult I have an aversion to punishment.  Why is it we do not like punishment and some do all they can to avoid it?  797 more words

Funny Little Ogopogo

“I’m looking for the Ogo-pogo, the funny little Ogo-pogo.
His mother was an earwig and his father was a whale.
I’m going to put a little bit of salt on his tail.” 334 more words


The Advent of Grace

The sibilant voice poured pride into her soul
While her protector, silent, shirked his role.
The perfect garden at her feet, Eve reached
To pluck forbidden fruit, and thus she breached… 538 more words

Son Of God

Symbolism of Tree

Tree of Life Its Perennial Structure and Symbolism by William Blystone

At the center id defined by an unbroken circle, we also come to the symbol for the manifestation of the element of aether: o. 324 more words


A Month of Thankfulness - Day 21 - Instant Replay


(Image courtesy of totalprosports.com)

Instant replay, the ability to go back and study something that has already occurred or has already been presented.  This is typically known in the world of sports, but I am thankful that it can be used in other situations as well. 568 more words

Four Truths of History that Explain Your Day

Sabbath Reflection for Friday, November 21 (’14)

Text: Genesis 3:14-15 (read companion text of James 4:1-10)

14   (“Yahweh”) The LORD God said to the serpent,

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Sabbath Reflection