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Nothing...Everything...Everywhere - Marina Abramovic at the Serpentine in London

I left London 1011 hours ago having crossed off everything on the longest to do list I had ever written – and for those who know me, that is quite a statement. 577 more words


Marina Abramović's '512 Hours' - Thoughts

An exercise in mindfulness- Thoughts

Marina Abramović, a Yugoslavian-born performance artist and mentor to Miss Lady Gaga, is widely acknowledged for her unique, out of the ordinary exhibitions (or rather, social experiments). 1,399 more words

512 Hours

512 Hours

What is the point of separating rice from lentils? I asked myself this question while I sat on a chair in a classroom-like setting. The chair had a desk attached to it. 1,043 more words

Travel Writing

The Wall Effect (Being Hugged by Marina Abramović)

As a former art student and forever dancer-performer-feminist-big lover of being thrown off, I have been fond of Marina Abramovic for many years. I really got into the detail of her work and speech when I did a presentation about female performers using their own body as a mode of expression at the Universität der Künste Berlin (the University of the Arts of Berlin). 1,171 more words


Radical Order: Geometry and the Utopian Impulse

Apollo Magazine, 2014. Original article.

Radical Order: Geometry and the Utopian Impulse
There’s something timeless about geometric art, with its clean lines and basic patterns appealing to an instinctive desire for order. 588 more words

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GUEST POST | ART REVIEW : Is Marina Abramović taking my hand?!

Guest Post By Kimberley Ng

It is always a pleasure for me to introduce you to a new wonderful contributor. I met Kimberley at the Sotheby’s Institute this summer, she is 21 and lives in London. 1,237 more words

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