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The Practice of Servant Leadership is an Ethical Exercise

It All Started With a New Friend

An attractive young woman, Samantha, started attending Sunday services in my first congregation. I noticed her one Sunday in our second service – she appeared deeply engaged in every aspect of Sunday morning. 4,056 more words


Servant Leaders

Servant leaders are sensitive to the concerns of those they lead because they work among them instead of in isolation above them.


Selflessness is not a virtue

Most people take it for granted that selflessness is a virtue. In business, altruism—always putting others first, selfless service to a company,“servant leadership”—is praised as the ultimate expression of virtue. 717 more words


On Leadership and Reaching Beyond Wonder

Leadership is understanding the balance between the push for purpose and the need for action. Human beings are drawn to thoughts of what’s possible and what could be. 1,042 more words

Leadership Lessons Learned

Spiritual Leaders Coach Their Followers Carefully

One of the key qualities of spiritual leaders is the ability to coach their followers.  Change-leaders encourage their followers to look at things in a different way.  278 more words


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
- Mary Oliver (from The Summer Day)

This image above – one of my favorite life’s moment – at an improv jam.

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Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders don’t only make the rules, they follow them as well so as to demonstrate the philosophy of leaders leading by example.