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It's All About the Boss

Leaders open doors, not force everyone behind one.  Bill Treasurer, author of Leaders Open Doors, says that, Leaders open doors of perception, possibility, and most importantly opportunity… 865 more words


Losing Our Way

If our nation is to be changed for the better, ordinary citizens will have to intervene aggressively in their own fate. The tremendous power in the hands of the moneyed interests will not be relinquished voluntarily. 499 more words


How to Get Anything You Want in Life

You worry too much.  So do I.  Most of what we spend our time worrying about just doesn’t matter.  Let’s start with this list:

Servant Leadership

Basics of Legislative Advocacy

In a couple of weeks the Montana State Legislature will begin its session and I know that my friends in Massachusetts are gearing up to get bills filed in the Massachusetts Legislature. 798 more words


Leadership is a mission

My personal Mission statement and that of the Jethro Group is, ‘To influence my world strategically; by demonstrating God’s love, integrating family, church and the corporate world of business to a life of integrity, excellence and Servant Leadership’. 296 more words


Availability is what matters

I heard about a man who applied for a job as a handyman. The prospective employer asked him if he could do carpentry?” The man said no. 117 more words

Meaning In Life

Curiosity still leads me - so I started a company to engage it

Someone recently asked me why I started Leadership Praxis. I started Leadership Praxis because I am curious about what makes leaders effective. Leadership is a tough job – I know, I have led administrative departments, sales divisions, operations, congregations, international programs, and regional church planting efforts. 333 more words

Leadership Capacity