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How to Lead Stupid People

“How to Lead Stupid People” as an article title… Offensive, right? Who would think that the people that work with them are stupid?

Well read these statements: 1,130 more words


What is a Toxic Leader?

Fourteen Symptoms of Toxic Church Leaders. is a blog article by Thom S. Rainer that got me thinking about the leadership lessons we provide to young men. 248 more words

Christian Service Brigade

What Great Leaders Know and Do: Engaging and Developing Your Staff

In my last blog I introduced the SERVE model from The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do—the first book I coauthored with Mark Miller that was just released in a 10th Anniversary Edition. 303 more words


A Recipe For Failure: Focusing On Success

When cooking food, a little too much or too little of an ingredient can ruin a dish. So if you are cooking from a great recipe, it is vital to focus on every aspect of building that recipe in a way that will yield success. 818 more words


Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders don’t take advantage of people when they are vulnerable. Instead they place others at a disadvantage by turning their vulnerability into strength.


So the times between “seasons” are really seasons we don’t give credit to until later. Is the right word for this transition? Change? Some people embrace change and thrive with spontaneity, others run in the opposite direction. 100 more words

Servant Leadership

Empathic Leadership Is Not Doormat Leadership

Does this describe your leadership?

  • Inherently, you’re always able to tell how others are feeling on any given day.
  • You don’t need to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” because you naturally imagine yourself in others’ lives or situations.
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