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The Gardener's Leadership

Analogies and metaphors are powerful ways to create understanding and to reduce the complexity of organizational leadership. Some of the most often used metaphors for organizations are machine, war, and sports team. 459 more words

The Basics

Leadership Is Soft Skills

The Center for Creative Leadership tells us, “the softer leadership skills of trust, empathy and genuine compassion for employees were needed to help organizations through transition.”  Another comment by the same organization, indicated “there is a strong correlation between the long-term success of an organization and the degree to which its leaders practice soft skills.” 283 more words


I could use your help: What topic or question is waiting to be explored here?

Hi folks; 

Today marks an exciting caveat to my blog: asking my audience what if anything I should consider as blogging material in upcoming posts. It’s not like I am running out of material, but this is a great opportunity for you to make this blog even more personal. 45 more words

Self Improvement

Being a Top Principal

While meeting with my critical friend this week we got into an interesting discussion about being a principal. I have been in girls’ schools for some eight years now after nine years in boy’s schools. 209 more words


Choosing to Grow

Servant Leadership.What does it mean? More importantly what does a servant leader look like?  A servant is someone who meets another person’s needs, putting another as more important than himself. 488 more words

July 26 - Climbing the character ladder by helping others

“He climbs highest who helps another up.” (George Matthew Addams)

For me this quote is not just about helping someone who has fallen or stumbled, it is about anytime that I help build someone up. 725 more words