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Serving Others

In our modern society the word servant can carry somewhat of a negative connotation. Our culture tends to look down on the concept of servanthood, so at times one may be tempted to distance one’s self from any association with the notion of being a servant to someone else. 76 more words


Life Group Lesson: 2nd Peter – Final Reflections from an Apostle Anticipating the End

If it was one of the last times you would ever write a letter, what would you say in it? Peter penned the book of second Peter near the end of his life. 576 more words

Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders value people enough to invest in their future success.


First Place Can Be Dangerous To Your Ego! Luke 14, October 17, 2014

Scripture – “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”   Luke 14:11

Observation – Jesus is attending a Sabbath meal at a Pharisee’s (A strict Jewish sect) home.  321 more words

Who Do You Serve?

I love the attitude at the end of this episode how once it’s been agreed that they as a team are going to get ‘their fight on’ 230 more words


My Real MVP

If you live in Oklahoma or even keep up with the world of sports you will likely recall Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant upon accepting the NBA’s MVP award last season redirecting the attention to his mother as “the real MVP.” It was a touching tribute honoring the one who sacrificed greatly to raise and shape him into the man he is. 648 more words

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