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Following the Dart

Following rules and exceeding expectations; these are things I’m good at.

These attributes have served me well, and they play a large role in how I found myself in my supervisor’s office one afternoon, making small talk about big topics.  515 more words

About Me

The people know

it is very easy to hear the world speak of the countless social issues that different ethnicities face and become mentally and spiritually drained the what if’s gathered mentally the only shield to many of these social issues is awareness and speaking against it in group settings also presenting the what if’s to the ones who come behind you the people have no red carpet to display the latest designer fashioned for a one time event the concrete cements is a harsh reality of how cold the world really is for the poor and working poor nor do they have Zimmerman family’s money for not guilty verdicts the people know that all these last testimonies of the continued behaviors that result in deaths of many are not even close to what some would call street justice the people know this two weeks have passed and two people are dead at the reckless behavior of another the one because the world has spoken about this I also shall have a voice the death by a public service worker doing an illegal chokehold is sounding an invisible warning horn for the people(WAKE UP)the brutalities reported by the people by service public workers are recorded(sometimes) but it doesn’t stop the brutality how can you watch while someone is being unjustifiable attacked had the recorder repeated the words of this man dying( I CAN’T BREATHE) to the officer just maybe it would have snapped this public service worker back in reality just maybe then again why would a public service worker trained to protect and serve want to take the life of an unarmed man… 6 more words

The Twizzler...

This is the fourth part in a series of blog posts about my experiences in Latvia serving with Camp Hope a few weeks ago.

In my last post ( 666 more words


i did nothing.

Oh my, Haiti.

“How was it?”
Life changing.
Best week of my life.
When can I go back?

Those words don’t even scratch the surface. 679 more words


I am heading out for a couple weeks of computer quiet this summer.

This is Ellie, Josiah and my brother’s boys. The adventures are endless when you’re a kid during the summer. 65 more words