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What is Scott-Server?

“Scott-Server”, is many things, but in a simple explanation it’s a supplemental computing platform. The ability to run dedicated servers for games local in network, some simple tasks as well as providing the horsepower and hardware for dedicated use for streaming. 262 more words


Welcome To Virtualisation.

This piece is going to look at how hypervisors generally work, it will not go into the inner workings of specific hypervisors. Hopefully this piece will also help explain why not every application is suitable for virtualisation. 874 more words



Hi all, today we are looking at Desktop-as-a-Service which could well be the new way of having a desktop in your house.

Before we dive into how desktop-as-a-service, DaaS, can be rolled out to consumers we must first look at what it is and the current ways it is being implemented in current environments. 782 more words


Virtualisation, What is it good for?

Virtualisation, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. – Well that is not true but it sounds good. Virtualisation is something that is the standard practice in the datacentre of today however is it always the best case? 1,546 more words


How to install latest Nginx, Java, Tomcat and Tomcat Native on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

When it comes to installing a complete web server on Ubuntu, some get very frustrated because of availability of information in distributed form and that too relating to different version of software which causes some incompatibility issues with one software or other. 378 more words


Windows Server Technical Preview - New Features

Hey all

Below is a video made by BJTECHNEWS on the new features of Windows Server Technical Preview (Server 10)