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Updating Dell R710 Firmware

Deploying ESXi on some Dell R710 servers we had, so I wanted to update the firmware to latest and greatest.  I came across some issues updating, which is why I’m posting this. 140 more words


I hear there's a problem with playing satellite audio...

You may not realize it but when you run a backend such as TVHeadEnd with a satellite tuner card or device for the purpose of recording or viewing Free-To-Air signals in North America, and then use XBMC/Kodi as your frontend, there’s a good chance you are not hearing the audio correctly on some channels, particularly if you have a multi-channel audio system (5.1 or better). 1,009 more words


Resize Disk Proxmox


qemu-img resize vm-100-disk-1.raw +500GB


What is the best backend software to use for a Free-To-Air satellite TV system?

If you use a program like XBMC (which is being renamed to Kodi) to watch live or recorded television, you’re probably already familiar with the backend/fronted model. 3,110 more words


Active Directory Delegating Permissions

I needed to delegate permissions to helpdesk (besides making them domain admins) to create and modify users, and modify group membership.  This is slightly different from some of the built in permission groups, since we didn’t want helpdesk to delete users.   185 more words