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Living in a period of postmodern web driven undertakings, individuals are progressively investigating new hubs of webbed world where they can discover quality web arrangements mixed with adequacy regarding cost and time. 246 more words

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Exchange Hosting Through Spectrum Networks Solutions

Spectrum Networks Solution’s Secure Exchange Hosting is the simple, viable and reasonable choice for organizations that need solid Server Administration however would prefer not to pay for extravagant supplies and a full-time IT staff. 232 more words

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Stopping favicon 404 spam in Apache error logs

Favicons display many elements of the dark, early days of the Internet. Typically a 16×16 pixel image in ICO format (wtf is that?), they were introduced back in 1999 with Internet Explorer 5. 287 more words

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libssh2 vs phpseclib

As tempting as it can be to make use of the simple include library which is phpseclib, it is better (if possible) to install the libssh2 module. 212 more words


Security Risk Alert

A brand new vulnerability has been discovered that will have widespread impacts. The vulnerability, known as Shellshock (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169), is found in Bash, the dominant shell for Unix and Linux (default), and can also be found in Mac OS X, some Windows server deployments, and even Android. 217 more words

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PHP Mail Function Not Sending

Okay, today, I have a treat for you. If you are having issues with PHP mail, I probably have a solution for you somewhere in my head, so I am going to attempt to put it down here in my blog so it is documented. 988 more words


How do I find Which WordPress File to Edit

How many times have you asked yourself; “How do I figure out which file to edit in my WordPress blog”, to edit specific content of your WordPress website? 427 more words